Baton Rouge, LA – While most people end up in nursing homes due to illness, chronic health conditions, or an inability to care for themselves in a weakened state, additional problems related to their psychological state may occur during their stay in a facility. Individuals staying in these homes may start to lose interest in daily activities and start to feel very isolated, especially if they have experienced sudden life changes due to health issues. When these psychological problems persist, they can also manifest in physical health problems due to a lack of interest in their own well being. The facility is supposed to provide recreational and social activities, as well as monitor the health of all patients to ensure that these issues do not become serious. 

Psychological and social problems in a nursing home environment

Many individuals who enter nursing homes do not necessarily enjoy the environment or want to be there. It is fairly common for an elderly person to become depressed and limit themselves to one room or area. There are also related problems where the social activities and forms of entertainment provided for individuals in the facility may not appeal to some patients, as they were used to being more active and having a broad range of options when they were younger. The facility will also limit patients to only doing these activities as specific times, and they are usually much more restricted in terms of their own time management than they were on the outside. 

Serious consequence of isolation that can result in health problems

When a resident in a nursing home becomes clinically depressed or experiences other psychological issues, these can be manifested in a number of ways that are also associated with medical issues. The facility should be mindful of these issues and watch to ensure that no one will be exposed to injuries, trauma, or other forms of harm. If someone does get hurt or require special medical attention and hospitalization while in a nursing home, the facility may be sued for their lack of action. 

A civil negligence case essentially argues that the home breached its required duty of care and caused various kinds of losses or harm. The facility and its administration can be forced to pay for treatment and the costs of other problems associated with their lack of adequate care. 

It is possible to learn more about civil lawsuits against nursing homes

Any victim of nursing home mistreatment can schedule a meeting with an attorney to discuss their rights and learn the value of their losses. Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf is a firm in Baton Rouge that assists clients with lawsuits against nursing homes throughout the state of Louisiana.  

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