An elderly man who is a resident at a Buffalo nursing home is off the hook after having killed an elderly woman who was also the resident of the same nursing home after the two had gotten into a fight. According to a report, the man will not face any criminal charges.

This is right out of The Sopranos almost!

As per the acting Erie County district attorney, investigations have revealed that the man in question is not in the right state of mind and is mentally ill therefore no charges will be filed against him since he lacks the mental capacity required to establish criminal intent (according to, which is possible considering the circumstances point out leading nursing home abuse lawyers in Utica, NY.

Nursing home abuse lawyers in Utica, NY are not too happy that someone who is violent and who was allowed to be free and have an open door. If you need nursing home legal assistance, you are in the right place. is where you need to go.

Many people believe this is incredible. If you are not right in the head, is that not more of a reason to be locked up?

The deceased has been identified as 83 year old Ruth Murray. She was an Alzheimer’s patient who mistakenly walked into the wrong room in the nursing home. At this point, a fight broke out and Murray was killed.

According to the New York State Department, the nursing home facility is currently under the scanner for nursing home abuse and appropriate actions or corrective actions will be taken against the nursing home depending on the outcome of the currently ongoing investigation.

Murray’ family and their New York nursing home abuse attorney has moved and initiated litigation in order to uncover the identity of the man who killed Murray. They allege that the nursing home should have been cautious especially since they already knew that Murray was an Alzheimer’s patient and that the man that killed her was not mentally sound.

New York Attorney General declares the arrests of six persons for theft from the elderly in a nursing home

Attorney General Eric. T Schneiderman, according to their own website (, has officially announced the arrests of six people for allegedly stealing from the elderly at a nursing home. What else can go wrong in a state hemorrhaging jobs because of high taxes and job killing regulations? This is a state that does not even allow for oil shale! This state could have thousands of more high paying jobs created in a nanosecond but would rather shoot itself in the foot than create opportunities for its citizens.

The recession continues and will continue if America again votes in leaders who are anti-business. But this does not mean you have the right to steal from elderly residents.

The thefts have been reported out of three separate counties, namely, the Bronx, Queens, and Suffolk County which are all in New York. Police say that the arrested suspects supposedly took advantage of the naivety of elderly nursing home residents and financially exploited them. Nursing home abuse lawyers in Utica, NY are highly aggravated about this.

These criminal operations were carried out by the suspects as they acquired information from and about the nursing home residents and then used this sensitive information to secure cash or credit to which they were not entitled. Five of the six defendants have been accused on this. The sixth defendant stole a necklace from an elderly female resident. With rising Obamacare costs, which many Americans knew was going to happen, people are getting desperate.

Schneiderman made a statement reprimanding the suspects by citing that elderly residents are the most vulnerable and must be treated with the utmost respect. Instead, the people who were entrusted with caring for them have done something so disgusting and vile. This is sort of like how the VA treats military veterans. See the Phoenix VA!

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