Iowa City, IA – Nursing homes in Iowa and other parts of the country have been known to have problems with issues such as mistreatment of patients, understaffing, and violations of relevant codes that regulate these facilities. This is especially problematic because people who stay in nursing homes tend to be elderly and unable to take care of themselves, or even report problems within a facility. For these reasons, it is important for family members to remain vigilant and consider the possibility of filing a lawsuit against the facility if a family member has been harmed while under the care of a nursing home

How can physical abuse be detected?

Some elderly nursing home patients are harmed by the staff in the home through various forms of physical abuse. Any kinds of markings, broken bones, or bruising on the victim can be strong indicators that abuse is taking place. The family should ask for surveillance of the person’s room and other forms of evidence that may help to prove this kind of illegal treatment. There have even been cases where nursing home employees were criminally prosecuted if there is strong evidence of physical abuse. 

Theft and improper access of funds

Another common problem is when someone who is staying in a nursing home is either stolen from, or lied to about their own financial situation. Some employees in these facilities believe that they can get away with stealing and financial exploitation because the person may be too old to accurately handle their financial matters or because there is no one to report the problem to. Family members should review these financial records for any anomalies or try to talk to their relatives about people within the home stealing money or engaging in other forms of theft. There have even been situations where nursing home employees have tried to commit insurance fraud or execute legal documents to steal inheritance from a family. 

Neglect of a patient

Improper medical treatment can start to manifest itself in all kinds of problems such as bed sores, weight loss, and even psychological problems like depression and insomnia. Family members should look to see if their relative has an unkempt appearance. Staff within the home are supposed to assist the patients with daily activities related to mobility, hygiene, and at meal times. If this is not being done regularly, this is a sign that the person is being neglected. 

Find out if a lawsuit is the right move

Anyone who has experienced an injury in Iowa can speak with an experienced group of attorneys about bringing a civil lawsuit and receiving compensation. Eells and Tronvold Law Offices is a trusted firm that helps local clients. 

Firm contact info:

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