Many nursing homes across the U.S. are understaffed and over-crowded with patients. Indeed, it is a difficult task to care for the elderly when they can no longer provide the proper care for themselves, but the result of this lack of staff has proven to result in patient neglect. Patient neglect can be classified as a form of nursing home abuse in certain circumstances, especially if harm is inflicted upon the patient as a result.  Sadly, nursing home abuse has become a popular issue that is in need of being resolved.

If you believe your loved one is a victim to nursing home abuse or is being neglected and left uncared for, you may want to speak with Anthony Carbone, who is an experienced nursing home abuse attorney in Jersey City. 

Many individuals sent to live in a nursing home aren’t able to convey the mistreatment they are being subjected to.

Many individuals sent to live in a nursing home suffer from dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other conditions that develop with age and it often becomes a challenge for them to convey the issues they may be facing as they reside inside the nursing home. Therefore, it is up to you to also keep a watchful eye out for any suspicious marks or behaviors displayed by your loved one to help prevent them from becoming a victim to mistreatment.

That is precisely what prompted one family to take legal action and hire a New Jersey nursing home abuse lawyer as they felt the treatment their loved one was receiving was inhumane and unethical. NBC New York shared details and photos of an elderly Alzheimer patient who was left in her own feces. Woodcrest Health Center in New Milford, NJ is under high speculation as the family members of this patient whose name is left anonymous for person reasons are accusing the facility of neglect.

Care One, which is the company responsible for operating this facility and dozens of others all across the state of New Jersey, states they received four out of five stars when it comes to Quality Measures, but the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Nursing Home rate it will a one out of give stars seeing that they had multiple issues found by health inspectors.

The family that has come forward on behalf of their grandmother claim the facility is understaffed, and even the staff employed there has agreed, which led to their grandmother’s call to use the restroom unanswered. Because she wasn’t able to take herself to the restroom, she had no other choice but to use it in the bed she had been laying in. The photos also depict images of their grandmother with a severely bruised eye.

Care One has asked the judge to dismiss the lawsuit, however, it is safe to say there is a legitimate case here and the family may be able to win with the evidence they have provided.

In any event, when a loved one fails to receive the standard level of care to keep them out of harm’s way, hiring a skilled Jersey City nursing home abuse lawyer is the best form of action that can be taken.