(Chicago, IL) – January 6th, 2017: Two former social workers of a 309 bed nursing home, Bria of River Oaks, formerly known as Burnham Healthcare, have filed a lawsuit in Cook County Circuit Court alleging that they were sacked after refusing to falsify medical records.

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Employee claims he was asked to fabricate female resident’s medical record

In their lawsuit, one of the plaintiffs Kenneth Allen alleges that he was requested by a supervisor to fabricate the medical record of a female resident who was afflicted with black eyes and facial bruises and had to be hospitalized in 2012.

The plaintiff believed that a fellow resident was the perpetrator but was forced by the supervisor to falsely report that she the injuries were the result of a fall. An investigation by state inspectors later revealed that the nursing home had failed to investigate a complaint of assault filed by the female resident’s family.

Rape complaint suppressed

Allen has also alleged in the lawsuit that his report on a rape complaint made by a resident was destroyed by a supervisor. Then too, state inspectors found that the nursing home failed to take cognizance of the complaint of sexual assault and did not notify the authorities, which is mandatory according to legal pros.

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Resident denied discharge

The other plaintiff Olufunmibi Ogunyipe also claims in the lawsuit that a supervisor ordered him to falsify medical notes in a 2013 case where a 60 year old resident had made repeated requests to be discharged. He was allegedly told to falsely report that the resident could not be transferred due to lack of a program with an open bed.

In this case too, the nursing facility received a citing from the state health department for failing to help the resident in his request for a discharge. According to records, Ogunyipe was terminated shortly after in the summer of 2013.

Nursing home’s response to lawsuit

In a response to the lawsuit, Bria of River Oaks argued that Ogunyipe, who was initially hired as a security guard in 2009, had failed to fulfill his duties at work and used to frequently abandon his post during working hours.

On the other hand, they claim that Allen was not rehired in 2012 after the takeover of the facilities 2012 by Avrum Weinfeld and Daniel Weiss from Morris and Philip Esformes. The Esformes sold Bunham Healthcare to Weinfeld and Weiss along with three other Chicago based facilities owned by them. However, according to state records, the facilities continued to pay Morris Eformes consultation and real estate fees.

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