Last week a video went viral in which a man appeared to be physically assaulting a nursing home resident. For much of the earlier parts of the video, the elderly nursing home resident appears non-responsive as the alleged attacker punches him repeatedly. Only later in the video does the elderly man appear to put an arm up to defend himself. In the last moments of the video, the elderly man can be seen attempting to get out of the bed in which he appears to have been assaulted. The video created an outcry on social media, with Detroit police finally responding to the incident after performing an investigation. On Sunday, police finally made an arrest. President Trump even viewed the video, posting about it on Twitter. The alleged attack created an outcry on social media with many concerned about the seemingly slow response from Detroit police.

The New York Post reports that the alleged attack required the victim to be hospitalized with head injuries.

According to CNN, on Sunday, several days after the video was posted, Jaden T. Hayden “was charged with two counts of assault with intent to do great bodily harm, larceny in a building and two counts of stealing/retaining a financial transaction without consent.” The elderly man was identified by CNN as Norman Bledsoe. The report further indicates that Hayden, the alleged attacker, later claimed that the elderly man had “fallen out of his bed.”

For families who entrust their loved one’s care to a nursing home, the video can be particularly disturbing because it truly depicts a family’s worst fears. The video highlights the need for families to be vigilant when entrusting their loved one’s care to a nursing home, particularly if a loved one has been suffering from slips and falls, or other injuries. When a loved one is receiving quality care from a nursing home, repeated falls or injuries just shouldn’t be taking place.

Signs of nursing home abuse can sometimes be subtle and in most cases, staff are not so bold as to post videos of their abuse on the internet. How can families better understand when their loved ones might be at risk of nursing home abuse?

Families should be alert to changes in a loved one’s behavior, unexplained injuries, or a nursing home situation where a loved one frequently “falls from the bed” “falls while using the restroom” or just “falls” without a clear explanation. Nursing home staff have a responsibility to assist residents who are prone to falling and to take measures to prevent these kinds of accidents from taking place, so repeated falls could be a sign of nursing home neglect or abuse.

If your family suspects that your loved one has been neglected or abused in a nursing home setting, your first steps should be to get your loved one into a safe situation. If your loved one was injured while in a nursing home setting due to nursing home neglect or abuse, you and your family may have the right to seek damages from the nursing home. can connect you with a nursing home abuse or nursing home neglect lawyer near you who can assist you with your case.

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