Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys in Houston Highlight Which Three Nursing Homes Were Ranked as “Top Performing”

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With so many cases of nursing home abuse being revealed to the public via social media lately, a significant amount of light has been shed on the issue and just how serious it is. Many families place their loved ones to live in a nursing home where they assume they are being cared for properly and treated with respect. But, because we continue to read about and watch footage of incidents unfolding, people can’t help but worry, “Is this happening to my loved one?” If you have a relative living in a nursing home in Houston, it is likely this thought has already crossed your mind. And if you are in search of a facility to place your family member in, you may be hesitant to do so as you might also be worried that your elderly loved one could be abused or neglected.

While there are plenty of facilities that have been recognized by the public along with the Department of Human Services for their lack of providing adequate care to residents, there are others that are commended for the quality care they provide. So, in an effort to help you find these facilities that may pose as a lower risk for your loved one to live in, below we share some of the facilities located in Houston, Texas that have been ranked as those that are “Top Performing” by U.S. News and World Report.


  1. Hermann Hospital

6411 Fannin Street

Houston, TX 77030



  1. The Buckingham

8580 Woodway Drive

Houston, TX 77063



  1. The Methodist Hospital Skilled Nursing Facility

6565 Fannin

Houston, TX 77030



Some nursing homes that received an above-average rating in Houston include:

  • Clarewood House Extended Care Center
  • Garden Terrace Alzheimer’s Center of Excellence
  • Houston Nursing and Rehabilitation LP
  • The Hampton at Post Oak
  • The Vosswood Nursing Center
  • University Place Nursing Center
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Before rushing to place your loved one to live in a nursing home, read reviews, take a tour, and use ratings provided by credible resources to help you make an informed decision.

Choosing a facility that has a high-rating is only one factor that should be used to determine which long-term care facility is best for your loved one to live in. You also want to base your decision on your own impression of the nursing home as well.


As much as a family does to help prevent their loved one from becoming a victim of nursing home abuse and neglect, sometimes these unfortunate instances still arise. If you have a loved one who was harmed while living in a nursing home in Houston, contact and get connected with a local TX nursing home abuse attorney today. There are many forms of action that can be taken to hold the facility accountable and our lawyers can provide you with this information and much more.

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