New York CNA Admits to Breaking Nursing Home Resident’s Arm

Albany, NY- The greatest fear many families have when they placed their aging relatives in a nursing home is that they will be harmed. For a family in Albany, New York, that fear came true after a certified nursing assistant admitted to breaking an elderly woman’s arm while she was under her care. Sarina Francis, 36 pleaded guilty in court to one count of endangering the welfare of a vulnerable elderly adult, according to the Albany Times Union.  Francis faces up to four years in jail; her sentence is scheduled for March. The incident took place in August while Francis was escorting the 84 year-old woman to her room. Francis told the court the resident was being combative so she grabbed her wrist, twisted her arm and put it behind her head. As a result the woman suffered a fractured bone in her forearm. Authorities said the abuse continued, another nursing assistant said that once the woman was in her room, Francis removed the elderly woman’s incontinence brief, and hit her so hard in the head with it the nursing assistant was splashed with urine. The witness also said Francis grabbed her wrists again and forced her to hit her own face repeatedly, the Albany Times Union reported. “If I broke her arm I didn’t mean to. I was angry at the time and I should have taken myself out of it, but I didn’t,” Francis told authorities after her arrest. To make matters worse, the nursing home failed to get the resident the medical care she need for her broken arm for close to 12 hours. After the resident complained that her arm was broken, a nursing supervisor examined her and, despite the swelling and bruising, determined her arm was not broken. Nursing staff continued to pressure supervisors about the resident’s injuries and after she suffered all night with the injury, another nursing supervisor finally ordered an X-ray and the woman was transferred to a hospital later that afternoon. The x-ray determined that her arm was indeed broken. The Hudson Park Nursing and Rehabilitation Center was cited by the state which found the facility put the health and safety of an individual at risk. This particular case shows how a nursing home can fail a resident. First she was harmed by a person charged with her care, and then supervisors failed to take appropriate action in spite of her numerous pleas. If there is any chance that the resident might have suffered an injury, a facility has the responsibility to determine whether the resident was harmed or not. Delaying that X-ray caused the woman to suffer unnecessarily for over 12 hours. This is not the type of care people expect when they place their aging loved in a long-term care facility. But of is the type of care they receive, the resident and their families can retain a New York nursing home abuse attorney to seek compensation on the injured resident’s behalf.