Whether nursing home abuse is physical or emotional, it can take a serious toll on a person’s well-being and it can linger in their lives even much after it takes place. While a resident is going through the abuse, they should get in touch with a nursing home abuse lawyer in New London, CT to help them get the justice they deserve.

Once they have been removed from this abusive environment, they will still need help recovering from the harsh conditions they were subjected to. If an elder was treated very poorly and they suffered physical injuries due to the abuse they will often suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder even when they are relocated to a safer environment.
It can be very difficult for the victim of abuse to forget what they endured, and these individuals may find it very difficult to trust again because of everything they have gone through. If a person notices that their elderly relative is still having a difficult time bouncing back after they have been abused, then they can take a few steps to help them recover.

Firstly, a person can help the victim by making time for them and showing them, they are special to them. Many times, it is the confidence of the victim which has taken the biggest blow. If they feel like they are important in the eyes of their loved ones, it can help them recover their confidence and get back on their feet rather quickly.
Another step which can be taken to help an elder recover from their abuse is to take extra precaution to make sure they are not exposed to such a harsh environment again. If the victim gets relocated to a new nursing home, a person should make sure they visit them often and ask the management about how they are doing at regular intervals in order to support their relatives as best as possible.

Who do I call if my relative is being abused?

The authorities a person chooses to connect with right after the abuse can vary depending on how bad the situation is. If the elder was being severely abused and their life was at risk, then a person can go ahead and call the police to get immediate protection.
A person can also directly contact the Adult Protective Services for their state if they are looking for a quick response. If an elder is being severely abused they should not wait and they should definitely seek help as soon as possible before they suffer serious injuries or even lose their life.
If the abuse is not very intense a person should call a nursing home abuse lawyer to help them navigate through the legalities which will be necessary to hold the facility responsible for their actions. A legal professional can help a person with everything from collecting the required pieces of evidence up to stating the appropriate claims in court to prove that the abuse occurred.