Nevada Nursing Homes Rank among the Nation’s Worst

Nursing Home ResidentWashoe County, NV- Choosing the right nursing home for an elderly or disabled loved one is difficult decision no matter where a person lives. But this can be an even more difficult task for residents of Nevada since the nursing homes in the state has been ranked among the nation’s worst in a recent survey.

Families for Better Care, non-profit that advocates for the elderly, gave Nevada an “F” in their recent survey which analyzed federal data to determine various conditions at long-term care facilities across the country.

One hundred percent of Nevada nursing homes have been cited for one of more minor deficiencies in the quality of care a patient receives or the quality of living conditions.

The advocacy group also noted that one in three Nevada facilities were cited for severe deficiencies, which are defined as events that cause immediate jeopardy or actual harm and resulted in resident injury, abuse, neglect, or death. This indicates abuse and neglect is rampant in the state, a dismal prospect for Nevada residents who must choose a facility where their loved one will be safe from harm.

The report stated, “There is a profundity of abuse and neglect sweeping through Nevada nursing homes.”

Another of the eight metrics used to rate homes in which Nevada facilities ranked poorly was staffing. Residents of long-term care facilities receive 2.14 or less hours of direct care from staff. The state was given an “F” in this category. That is above the national average of one hour of daily care for each patient, but far less than is necessary to prevent abuse or neglect.

“Inadequate staffing contributes to the enormity of nursing home neglect,” said Brian Lee, executive director of Families for Better Care. “Residents are unable to be cared for properly when they receive fewer than two hours and 10 minutes of daily care.”

But the state ranked better in the number of registered nursing care earning a “C” in with facilities providing .83 hours of direct care. Families for Better care noted facilities ranked above average in the professional nursing care available to facility residents.

Even though the state gets low marks for deficiencies and staffing, Families for Better Care gave the state an “A” for verified ombudsman complaints.

“Despite the state’s lousy track record, Nevada’s ombudsmen verified the second fewest number of registered complaints,” the report said.

Before placing a loved one in a Nevada nursing home, it is crucial that a person thoroughly researches a facility to determine the types of deficiencies they have been cited for and whether they are adequately staffed.

Most experts agree that lack of staffing at a long-term care facility leads to neglect, which is much more prevalent than abuse.

If you suspect abuse at a nursing home in Washoe or Clark County, you should contact a nursing home abuse attorney. With legal assistance, nursing home residents subjected to abuse or neglect can seek compensation for their pain and suffering.