Many people in nursing homes around the country still became very sick or even died after facilities were told to take special precautions to protect their residents from coronavirus complications. Due to these problems, various national organizations and individuals in leadership positions were attempting to launch an investigation into nursing home neglect and failures to follow safety procedures. The focus of these investigations will be trying to find out how facilities spent the federal funding they received and exactly what steps were taken to prevent additional infections. 

Investigations into neglect and misuse of federal money

This process started when a number of formal letters were sent to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, along with five of the largest companies that operate for-profit nursing homes in various states around the country, including Nevada. Other private sector companies, including Genesis Healthcare, Life Care Centers of America, Ensign Group, and Consulate Healthcare were also put on notice at the same time.  

The subcommittee was also concerned that the federal government and Medicaid services may have been negligent in handling the pandemic by not sending out enough protective equipment and other important supplies. The member of Congress who was the chairman of this committee says that these mistakes could be at least partially responsible for over 40,000 deaths in nursing homes around the country during the pandemic. 

The head administrator for Medicare and Medicaid Services responded by linking to an updated site that gives robust data about nursing homes around the country, and how they are handling the outbreak. This was posted on Twitter and other social media sites so that the public could access the information.  

As coronavirus cases were increasing around the country, the committee allowed family members who had lost relatives in homes to testify and describe what they saw. This may prove to be important evidence as the investigations continue. 

Bringing cases against nursing homes

It is fairly common for nursing home employees to make mistakes that end up putting residents in very bad situations or even dying. Most people in these facilities are already highly vulnerable, and the pandemic made their chances of survival even worse. 

Issues such as short staffing and infections spreading throughout homes have been problems for years, but the pandemic brought more attention to these conditions than ever before. It remains to be seen how many of these facilities around the country will face lawsuits related to neglect, injuries, and deaths caused by their poor response. 

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