Nursing homes should be a place of comfort and security for all the residents who live there. According to the law, nursing homes are required to provide an environment that meets the emotional and physical needs of all their residents. If a resident is unsatisfied with their level of care they should contact a nursing home abuse lawyer in Monroe to help them determine whether the treatment of the nursing home counts as abuse and to learn what steps they need to take in order to get compensated for their suffering.

If a person notices that their friend or fellow resident is not being treated properly by the management, they should take immediate action to try and prevent the abuse. One of the main reasons certain residents get picked on above others is because they do not have regular visitors. When a resident does not have family members or friends coming to see them often it shows the employees that they don’t have anyone who can question them anytime soon. Since they can’t see any immediate consequence to their actions, they will most likely carry out neglecting the resident and treating them in a way which makes their job easier for them.

If a fellow resident realizes that one of their friends is not being treated properly, it is in their best interest to speak up. They should notify the management of their suspicions and their feelings. If the management does not take action, a person can contact the authorities. If the case of abuse is very serious and poses a threat to the life of the senior, they should call the police or Adult Protective Services in hopes of getting a quick response to their situation. However, if the abuse is more subtle, they should call a lawyer who specializes in dealing with cases of nursing home abuse.

The mistreatment of elders in long term care facilities is actually a very serious problem which occurs much more often then it should. Elders need to be educated on the rights which have been granted to them by the law, so they do not feel shy to speak out about the way they are being mistreated.

When should I take legal action against a long-term care facility?

A person should take legal action when they notice either they themselves or one of their peers are being treated in an unjust way. The abuse does not have to be very severe or intense for a lawyer to get involved. As long as the rights of a resident are not being fulfilled and as long as the facility has failed in some way to honor the contract which they originally signed with the resident, hiring an attorney will prove to be very beneficial.

An attorney can pursue legal avenues to encourage the nursing home to change their behavior and they can also ensure that the management responds in a timely manner. If the management does not give a satisfactory response to the request from the lawyer then a lawsuit can be filed against them.