Local news for Mississippi reported on problems with staffing nursing homes, which also tends to lead to poor quality care and other related issues. 

Pandemic causes serious staffing and attendance issues

After the coronavirus pandemic hit nursing homes around the country, many workers in these facilities started to simply call in sick due to fears of catching the virus and supply shortages. Facilities that had a number of workers test positive contributed to these anxieties, due to the very real possibility that a staff member could bring the virus home to their families or end up in the hospital. 

One licensed practical nurse who was working around infected people spoke about the situation. He said that all of his coworkers were constantly feeling anxiety due to having to go into a room and work with an infected person. These emotions have caused more workers to stay home, which in turn makes controlling the outbreak even harder because of decreased manpower. 

Short staffed homes have been known to clean less frequently, workers get less break time to wash their hands or take other precautions, and patients may be treated by one worker in situations where several are required. All of these issues that save time in the short term can lead to larger problems later. Governments around the country have developed teams to work with these facilities during the pandemic, but the staffing problems will likely linger for years afterward. Some states are even offering bonuses and other incentives to attract nursing home professionals to their regions. The federal government has temporarily loosened restrictions, which allows even unskilled workers to be hired as helpers for completing basic tasks in the homes. 

Long term solutions for nursing home employees will likely include better pay, benefits, and training. These thoughts seem to be consistent among many worker advocate groups. Turnover creates serious problems as well, as workers who are well paid and happier are less likely to leave their positions. 

Nursing home neglect and lawsuits

The situation in nursing homes around the country has been dire, and the coronavirus pandemic made it even worse. Many facilities have issues with patients being neglected or physically abused by staff members. These problems tend to be exacerbated if a home cannot proper staff itself with the correct number of administrators and caregivers. 

If someone is seriously hurt or dies while under the care of a nursing home worker, shortages of staff or budgetary issues are no excuse. They can still be served with a civil lawsuit for neglect or intentional mistreatment.  

Speak with a lawyer in Mississippi about nursing home abuse or neglect

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