Nursing homes seem to always have problems with employees who work in their facilities and those who illegally gain access to facilities for the purpose of committing crimes. The home is supposed to protect their residents from these kinds of actions with security and other measures that ensure elderly people are not hurt or exploited. 

An employee who worked in a Jackson nursing home was sentenced for involvement in a fraudulent scheme designed to steal money and debit cards from patients. 

Worker gets access to residents’ cards and uses them for illegal purchases

The details of the scheme appeared to be related to obtaining access to the debit cards of elderly people at a local nursing home and using them to make fraudulent purchases. Most of these purchases were tracked to retail locations in Hinds and Copiah counties. The perpetrator appeared to be planning on the fact that the victims would not notice the missing money due to their advanced age and declining health. Most of the crime was tied to the Pleasant Hill Community Living Center while she was working as a certified nursing aide and had access to the building. 

Police charged a 25 year old female suspect with crimes related to exploitation of an elderly person. The attorney general said that the suspect lived close to the home she used to work at in Jackson. When the case eventually went in front of the local circuit court judge, the suspect was sentenced to one year of prison time and two years of probation after release. She was also ordered to pay restitution of approximately $3,000 to the victims. 

Nursing homes are supposed to protect their residents from health problems and theft

Unfortunately, there are some individuals who practice targeting the elderly and vulnerable in nursing homes. Many of these victims are already extremely ill or have deteriorated mental health. This makes them easier targets for criminals, because they may not have an accurate memory or account of the perpetrator. There have even been incidents were employees or others who illegally gain access to facilities have used violence against the elderly. 

Nursing homes do have an affirmative duty to protect their residents from exploitation and other forms of harm. If they fail to meet this duty of care, victims and their families can bring a civil lawsuit against the home that was supposed to be responsible for their safety. This can occur even if a suspect is charged in a separate criminal case for their illegal behavior. 

Nursing home attorneys in the Jackson area

There are lawyers who practice in Jackson, Mississippi and represent local clients who have been injured, exploited, or abused while staying in a nursing home. To schedule a meeting, contact:

Williams Newman Williams PLLC 

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