Local news for Jackson, Mississippi reported on measures being taken by governments around the country to determine what caused the coronavirus outbreak to become so severe in nursing homes.

Government shows increasing concern about the state of nursing homes after coronavirus outbreak

The latest data at the time of the report showed that about half of all deaths in the U.S. that were caused by COVID-19 happened within nursing homes. This was combined with more disturbing news that many facilities in Mississippi and around the country still may not have enough equipment to protect patients and workers or a thorough enough testing regime. 

Congress is in the process of taking action for more oversight and holding certain individuals accountable, however there is significant debate regarding who exactly is at fault for these problems. The head of government affairs for the AARP claims that the situation is a “national disgrace” and that there needs to be intervention as soon as possible. He added that many states are not even reporting coronavirus cases in nursing homes as they are required to. 

These problems have caused many leaders to acknowledge that the scope of the problem is still not known because there are too many gaps in the nation’s understanding of how the infections are spreading within nursing homes. Several governors have even prematurely ordered patients back into nursing homes, which could have exacerbated the problem and led to even more deaths. 

Congress was also in the process of discussing immunity from lawsuits for nursing homes given the nature of the pandemic. Critics argue that if the homes cannot be sued, there is no incentive for them to be accountable for their actions and lack of precautions. 

Research has consistently shown that the elderly and those who are in poor health are most vulnerable to being hospitalized or killed by the novel coronavirus. These populations coincide with the types of people who end up in nursing homes

The duty of care and nursing home neglect

A nursing home has an affirmative duty to keep all of the people under their care safe. If they make mistakes or overlook problems and an infection spreads, it is certainly possible that several of their patients can die in a short period of time. The families of these victims may file a wrongful death lawsuit or take other actions against the home.  

Find out if a lawsuit against a nursing home is necessary

If you believe that someone in your family may have been infected or died due to inadequate safety precautions in a nursing home or assisting living facility, it may be a good idea to file a civil lawsuit against the people responsible. To speak with a local attorney in Jackson, contact:

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