Minnesota Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers and Attorneys in Your Area

Most of us find it hard to understand how anyone could harm a vulnerable adult, but sadly many people in Minnesota hurt or neglect the older people they are supposed to take care of and protect. Nursing home abuse and neglect inflict unnecessary and undue pain and suffering on residents often leaving them in financial freefall because of their medical bills and other economic damages.

Common Types of Elder Abuse

Neglect- In a past study, the National Center on Elder Abuse found that 58 percent of older adults who participated admitted to being neglected.

Financial Exploitation- 41 out of 1,000 seniors in the U.S. have faced some form of financial exploitation.

Physical abuse- Approximately 15 percent of seniors have experienced physical abuse which can include slapping, punching, and pushing.

Verbal and sexual abuse- These types of elder abuse are less common than physical abuse but can be demoralizing and lead to a diminished quality of life.

Who is Vulnerable?

Any adult or senior living in a nursing home can become a victim put some factors make an older individual a likely target of abuse or neglect including:

Gender-Women account for 67 percent of ill-treatment and neglect victims, according to the NCEA.

Cognitive impairment from dementia or Alzheimer’s

Seniors who are regularly visited by loved ones are less likely to be targeted

Disabled or immobile residents

How Can You Help?

You can shield your loved one from abuse and neglect by:

Choosing a nursing home carefully

Visiting your loved one regularly

Learning the signs of abuse and neglect

Putting a granny cam in their room

Reporting any troubling incidents to facility administrators, and

Calling an elder abuse lawyer.

How Can a Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Help?

If your loved one is the victim of abuse and neglect, an attorney can help you get them out of a dangerous facility and into a safer home. A nursing home abuse and neglect lawyer can also secure a settlement for your loved one’s medical expenses and emotional distress. We recommend you get legal counsel right away and let one of our exemplary lawyers begin working on your claim. USAttorneys will connect you with a dedicated professional who will stand up for your aging loved one, and fight for fair compensation. Set up a short consultation and learn all the ways our legal team in Minnesota can help you get justice for yourself or a loved one. Act soon, so you have time to build a proactive case.

Report Abuse to State Agencies

If you are a victim of elder abuse or witness someone being targeted, you should report the incident to a state agency listed below.

Minnesota Adult Abuse Reporting Center- Toll-Free 1-844-880-1574

Long-term Care Ombudsman in Minnesota:

Office of Ombudsman for Long-Term Care

P.O. Box 64971

St. Paul, MN 55164-0971

Toll-Free at 1-800-657-3591


Minnesota Elder Justice Center

2610 University Avenue W., Suite 530,

St Paul, MN 55114

(651) 440-9300