At the beginning of the month, State Senator Jim Stamas wrote a column that focused on the errors Governor Gretchen Whitmer made with regard to the COVID-19 outbreak. In his column, Stamas not only accused Whitmer of “failing to anticipate the impact of her stay-at-home order on the livelihoods of Michigan families,” but he also said the Governor “failed to protect [the state’s] most vulnerable residents from the virus, with deadly consequences.” Stamas said that when COVID-19 first appeared in the U.S. when we knew little about how dangerous it was, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services “issued a guidance in mid-March about to control COVID-19 outbreaks in nursing homes and long-term care facilities.”

Stamas then went on to explain that on April 15th, Whitmer issued an executive order that required certain nursing homes to “care for [and accept] COVID-19 affected patients—despite the risks.” But Stamas acknowledged that nursing homes are not hospitals nor are they “an appropriate place to house patients with COVID-19 unless they have a confirmed plan to isolate those patients from the other residents.”


Stamas Says Once COVID-19 Data for Nursing Homes was Released, it Proved Whitmer’s Plan was Disastrous


After Whitmer’s policy took effect, it wasn’t until June 15th when COVID-19 data was made available and proved how ineffective and disastrous the Governor’s executive order was. Stamas said that on the day the data was released, he learned that more than 1,900 deaths from COVID-19 had occurred in nursing homes and there were likely more as the data didn’t include deaths from long-term care facilities or assisted living centers.

As a result of the mistakes Stamas believes Whitmer made, he said he supported Senate Bill 956 which would “ban the admission and retention of COVID-19 patients in nursing home facilities, unless it has a state-approved designated area and program to isolate and care for the patient.” SB 956 was enrolled on July 23rd.


Did a loved one of yours contract COVID-19 or another illness while living in a Michigan nursing home?

Do you suspect neglect played a role in causing their condition to worsen?


If a relative of yours became sick or passed away as a result of the COVID-19 virus or another illness and you believe the nursing home staff neglected them or failed to properly respond to their condition, you may have a valid claim against the facility and/or certain staff members. If you would like to have a Michigan nursing home neglect lawyer determine whether legal action is warranted, contact today. Our database of legal professionals contains only the best Michigan nursing home abuse lawyers who will be sure to help you and your family obtain the justice you are due.

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