If you’re looking to place your loved one in a nursing home, there are many things you are likely considering as you want to choose the best one for them. And you are not alone.Many individuals who are faced with this stressful task simply want the best for their loved one and with so much to consider, it can all become a bit overwhelming. However, if you take it one step at a time, you stand a better chance at weeding out the good facilities from the bad and narrowing down your options.

So, in an effort to help you with this process, one of the first things you want to do is understand the difference between two of the types of facilities that are out there, for-profit and non-profit nursing homes. Then, once you choose the type of facility you prefer, then you can begin conducting your research on locations nearby that match your selected preference.


What are for-profit nursing homes?


According to How Stuff Works, “two-thirds of nursing homes in the United States are operated by private, for-profit firms.” A for-profit nursing home needs to bring in income so it can continue to operate. However, “nursing homes operated for a profit are linked with a decreased quality of care and a greater number of complaints and violations in their inspections.” Some of the deficiencies that have been recorded in these types of facilities included infected bedsores, medication mix-ups, and the use of physical restraints. The source also highlights that for-profit nursing homes have been known to “reduce the number of nursing staff or skim on meals,” which ultimately affects the quality of care that is being provided there.


What is a non-profit nursing home facility?


A non-profit nursing home differs from a profit-nursing home because it isn’t required to pay shareholders and generally isn’t operated on the sole basis of earning an income. Most “non-profit facilities are owned by a group with a specific affiliation: professional religious, ethnic, etc.,” says A Place for Mom. Many of these facilities claim they are mission-driven, which implies they have a higher purpose to serve residents,” however we cannot negate the fact that they are still business.

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