Louisiana Hospital Neglect Attorneys and Nursing Home Lawyers

 Many older adults depend on caregivers to provide for many of their needs because of medical conditions, cognitive decline or disability. Because of their age and physical vulnerabilities and dependence on others, adults over the age of 65 are susceptible to abuse and neglect at the hands of a caregiver, family member, nursing home employee or spouse. In Louisiana, over 7,300 cases of elder abuse are reported to Louisiana Department of Health and Human Services, but studies indicate only a fraction of elder abuse and neglect are reported.

Physical effects of nursing home abuse

Physical abuse occurs in nursing homes across Louisiana and can be perpetrated by staff members, other residents, and family members. According to the Centers for Disease Control, physical abuse or neglect is indicated by:

Welts, cuts, abrasions and broken bones

Head injuries

Pressure sores

Physical pain


Worsening of existing health problems

Untimely death

Bruising and lacerations around the breast and genital areas

Emotional effects of nursing home abuse

Elder abuse and neglect also has an emotional impact on the victims causing including:



Withdrawal from social activities

Nursing home abuse and neglect, which impacts about one in ten seniors in the U.S., causes seniors to suffer unnecessarily and greatly diminish their quality of life. If you are being abused or know someone who is, USAttorneys recommends you report the abuse first then contact a nursing home abuse lawyer in Louisiana.

Financial exploitation of nursing home residents

Another common form of elder abuse in nursing homes is financial exploitation. Many seniors put their life savings into trust funds when they enter a nursing home, leaving that facility in charge of their money. This practice can be helpful for some residents, but unethical employees can plunder trust funds. According to the National Center on Elder Abuse, financial exploitation of the elderly costs American seniors over $2.6 billion annually.

Louisiana’s Nursing home abuse laws

Louisiana law R.S. 15:1504 requires health care or mental health providers and social service employees to report any suspected incidents of elder abuse or neglect.

Anyone who suspects an elderly person is being abused or neglected should call the Louisiana Department of Health at 1-888-810-1819. Or, you can contact the Office of Aging & Adult Services (OAAS) at 800-898-4910. If a licensed health care facility is suspected, your complaint should be reported to the Health and Standards Section of the above numbers.

National Resources for elder abuse victims:

Elder Abuse Helplines and Hotlines: Call 1-800-677-1116

National Center on Elder Abuse: www.ncea.aoa.gov

National Institute on Aging: www.nia.nih.gov

National Institute of Justice: www.ojp.usdoj.gov/nij/topics/crime/elder-abuse/

Meet with a nursing home abuse lawyer

Victims of elder abuse suffer economically and psychologically, so they may be eligible for compensation to cover their medical expenses, costs of rehabilitation and emotional distress. If your loved one is abused or neglected by a caregiver or a nursing home, or you are being abused, USAttorneys can connect you with a compassionate and skilled nursing home abuse lawyer in Louisiana work on your injury claim.