As coronavirus cases began to surge in June and July of 2020, Louisiana experienced some of its worst infection numbers of the entire pandemic in nursing homes around the state.

Baton Rouge mayor discusses nursing home outbreaks and new mask wearing order

The mayor of Baton Rouge announced that in late June, the state of Louisiana experienced an increase that was not seen since cases started to previously decline months earlier in April. She added that all people in Baton Rouge would be required to wear masks when entering any type of business as a safety measure. 

Approximately 2100 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 were reported in just one day in Louisiana, with the daily average increasing to about 1000. Hospitalizations have also increased, and public health officials were worried that these trends could cause hospitals in the state to be in the same position they were in during early April, when mitigation measures and stay at home orders had not yet begun to show results.  

Public health officials believe that the prior two months of successful mitigation are now being undermined by people choosing to ignore simple safety precautions. A state health officer claimed that people need to “start getting serious” as these increases could prove to be even more challenging than the initial surge months earlier. 

The state’s health department acknowledged that group settings in nursing homes are somewhat responsible for the infection increases, but not all of the new cases. On some days, nearly all of the new virus cases were linked to general community spread based on contact tracing. The mandatory mask regulation for businesses is the first new step in mitigation that was passed by executive order in Baton Rouge. The governor claims that people will help save lives and the economy by just following some simple rules. Both the city of New Orleans and Jefferson Parish had already passed their own versions of mask wearing requirements in the prior weeks.

The governor said that a statewide mandate would likely be unnecessary, and individual municipalities need to decide on their own measures to combat the virus based on its local severity. While nursing homes were the main focus during the early parts of the pandemic, officials now say that younger people with less serious symptoms are starting to make up the bulk of new cases, however it is still possible that they can transit the virus to the elderly and vulnerable. 

Nursing homes and viral outbreaks

People who stay in nursing homes are always very vulnerable to any kind of viral outbreak. These infections can spread quickly and prey upon people who are already old and sick with weakened immunity, and even cause deaths within facilities

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