Nursing homes in Louisiana were given the technology to complete rapid coronavirus tests for residents and staff. However, critics were concerned that the technology came too late, as many serious infections and deaths had already occurred in the state’s over 240 facilities. 

Rapid testing will help ease severe restrictions that have become problematic

The main benefit of the new technology is that facilities can now test adequately enough that the state is considering removing restrictions on visitation from outsiders and movement within the facilities. Most sick and elderly people within these homes have been subject to very strict rules since March, which resulted in severe isolation and mental health problems in some residents. 

Nursing homes have been an area of special focus during the pandemic, as almost half of all virus related deaths nationally have happened among residents and workers in these homes. The federal government has intervened to provide this kind of testing due to the gravity of the situation that these facilities are facing. The state’s governor also mentioned that he would consider lifting restrictions now that results from a coronavirus test can be obtained in as little as 15 minutes. In person visits could be restarting at the homes, as long as a visitor receives a negative test shortly before entering. 

One family member of a resident at Chateau de Notre Dame in New Orleans said that she has only seen her mother through a window since the beginning of the year. Stories like this are common as people in nursing homes around the country experience unhealthy levels of isolation and grow tired of the restrictions. The CDC recommendations about shutting down access to nursing homes was one of the first national steps taken to stop the spread of COVID-19. However, even with these protective measures, there still have been thousands of deaths among nursing home patients and employees. About 1,900 people have died in nursing homes in Louisiana alone, and this was despite the fact that there were restrictions on interactions between residents, workers, and the outside world. 

Video chats and speaking with relatives through a window have been the only means of communication available, but family members can still see a decline in the health of their family members as these forms of interaction seem to not feel satisfying. Person to person contact is an important part of life and health, and people all over the world have experienced depression and related issues due to virus related restrictions on being in physical contact with others. 

Get assistance from a nursing home abuse lawyer

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