While nursing home deaths in Louisiana from the coronavirus are still a serious source of concern, the wave of infections and deaths that came in June and July of 2020 did not claim as many lives as the early days of the pandemic in the Spring. 

Summer deaths peaked and were not quite as deadly as Spring months

The first months of the pandemic caused 1271 deaths in nursing homes in the state between residents and staff. The summer months recorded several thousand more cases statewide and in nursing homes, yet only 374 people who caught the virus in a Louisiana nursing home died. There is little agreement between health experts as to whether this is due to improved safety procedures and precautions, better and more widespread testing, or a combination of other factors. 

A regional health director from Acadiana parish claims that the reduction in deaths and hospitalizations is from weekly required tests in all homes around the state as well as procedures designed to protect people in congregant settings. The national trend towards the virus infecting young people with fewer health consequences rather than the elderly who are more at risk has also affected the downward trend. 

While demographics are important, there are a number of other important changes that have occurred since the pandemic began. Medical professionals may simply be more knowledgeable and better equipped to handle everything happening around them. Healthcare providers have discovered new forms of treatment that do seem to actually work. Doctors from LSU Health in Monroe have claimed that medical professionals sharing information and success stories has created much better outcomes for patients. Many of these advancements come from an understanding of how the virus attacks the vascular system and causes blood clots, which was an unknown factor in the first few months of the pandemic. This led to changes that prompted doctors to treat the virus as attacking multiple bodily systems, rather than early thoughts about the virus essentially acting like a type of pneumonia. 

More widespread use and availability of protective equipment, along with rethinking about ventilators for treatment have also been crucial steps forward.

Nursing home infections and civil liability

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, many nursing homes around the country had allowed deadly infections to spread to their residents. The ownership and administration of these facilities can be held accountable in civil court when patients become ill or die. 

Speak with a nursing home neglect lawyer in your area

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