Baton Rouge, LA – Individuals in nursing homes should be aware of rules that are meant to protect them from various forms of harm by caretakers and other employees. Even those who are ill or of advanced age must be treated with dignity, and they cannot be subjected to any kind of discrimination. Federal and local governments have worked to provide a framework of protections over the years.  

Reasons for special protections

Many of the regulations that exist are meant to protect vulnerable individuals inside of these facilities. People who are very old or very sick are especially susceptible to various kinds of negative consequences from improper treatment. This can include declining health, physical injuries, and contraction of contagious diseases. 

Basic human rights

Federal law states that most decisions related to things like when to eat, sleep, and engage in recreation activities must be the choice of the individual. A facility is only allowed to make these plans on the person’s behalf if a doctor’s orders or their care plan requirements say to do so. These human rights also extend to prohibitions on physical restraint, verbal and emotional harm, social isolation, and taking or using their personal property without consent. There are also privacy rights that allow residents to have phone conversations, mail correspondence, and various other forms of communication without being monitored by the facility’s staff or administrators. 

Rules against discrimination

There are also protections against discrimination, which are similar to the protections granted to individuals in all spaces regulated by the government. A nursing home cannot make decisions about patients or their admission into the facility based on race, gender, religion, nationality, and other protected characteristics. These basic civil rights are meant to ensure that individuals in healthcare settings all receive the same quality of treatment regardless of their backgrounds. 

Financial matters

Some residents in a nursing home will require assistance to manage various things related to their money such as banking, paying bills, and managing investments. They can request the assistance of a family member or financial professional, but homes are not allowed to take over a person’s finances without specific permission. This is due to risks associated with theft and extortion. In some rare cases, an individual may want to let the nursing home manage their accounts, but the facility must provide reports and follow other guidelines that are meant to give a record of how their money was used. 

Getting more information from local attorneys

Anyone who needs help due to the possibility that a family member has been mistreated in a nursing home should contact lawyers in their area for guidance and explanations of legal issues. Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf give advice related to civil lawsuits against nursing homes and related matters. 

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