Louisiana has had a number of issues with loose nursing home regulations over the years. Unfortunately, little has changed politically and many people in these facilities are still suffering due to poor quality care. 

Local news for New Orleans reported on troubles with regulations and problems caused by a lack of oversight. 

Elderly resident details the long struggle between nursing home lobby and local populations

A 99 year old woman who survived a battle with COVID-19 was involved in a political fight with a nursing home administrator at the state’s capitol a number of years earlier. She claims that the state’s nursing home lobby was actively trying to fight against measures that would be put in place to ensure higher quality care and well trained employees. At the time, she was personally invested in the issues because her husband started to show serious symptoms of Alzheimer’s and his condition worsened until he died several years later. 

Many of these debates happened in the 1980s, and recent events have brought national attention to similar issues and problems in facilities around the country. The resident who was featured in the news story claims that in those days, homes could basically hire anyone without checking their background or giving any kind of training. She said that nursing homes were essentially given a pass by the government to do anything without recourse. The situation in the early 1980s was a disaster due to the fact that many untrained individuals suddenly found themselves tasked with caring for people who were very sick and old. It was not until years later that Congress began a program to place an ombudsman and other forms of oversight in nursing homes under the Office of Elderly Affairs. 

Reforms are gaining momentum in the state again. Certain groups are pushing for better training, pay, and benefits for employees to attract workers who care about their jobs more and are better equipped to handle the demands of a nursing home. 

When residents fall ill and their conditions worsen

Nursing home deaths due to improper care and neglect are a serious issue that was highlighted by the coronavirus pandemic. About one third of all virus related deaths happened in nursing homes, and in Louisiana, that number was up near 40%. 

However, poor quality of staff training and medical treatment has been a reality in most nursing homes in Louisiana for years. Patients are regularly abused or neglected, and many of these problems go unnoticed.   

Talk to a local nursing home abuse attorney

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