Are you looking to hire a full-time caregiver who can tend to your elderly loved one? Perhaps you are considering moving them to live in a nursing home or other home care agency as you don’t feel comfortable with them living on their own any longer? Either way, it is important that you find a place and/or a person that is going to provide your loved one with the care they need and deserve.

You see, choosing the right caregiver or finding the best nursing home with caring, compassionate, and qualified staff isn’t exactly the easiest of tasks. You probably want to choose a place that is a reasonable distance from your home but also a facility that you can afford. You want something that is clean, has few resident complaints filed, and will keep your loved one safe and out of harm’s way. While the task might seem overwhelming, you can start by looking for caregivers and/or staff that exhibit the following qualities seeing that they are the ones who will be looking after your loved one.


  1. Patience. Caring for an elderly individual can sometimes be difficult so you want someone who is up for the challenge. You don’t need a caregiver who will get frustrated and lash out at them each time they disagree or push back, rather, you need someone who is understanding and will be patient with them.


  1. Compassion. Getting older isn’t exactly easy. You need a caregiver or nursing home staff that is compassionate to how your loved one might feel and be understanding to the fact that this transition in their life might be a difficult one for them to get through.


  1. Attentiveness. Although some elderly individuals who receive assistance are still independent and can do things on their own, a good caregiver is someone who watches and documents any changes they see. They should be looking for emotional and physical changes so they can they modify the care they provide if need be.


  1. Dependability. You need someone who is not only going to show up but someone your loved one can depend on. Choosing a facility that has a high employee turnover rate might not be the best choice as the caregiver they have one month might change the next month.


  1. Trustworthiness. Choosing a caregiver you can trust is vital. Not only might this person have access to your loved one’s belongings, but they are also responsible for caring for them. You need to know that they won’t take advantage of their vulnerability and try and manipulate the situation so that they can get something they want.

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In order to find a reliable and qualified caregiver or nursing home, conduct some research and ask around for recommendations. With the internet providing such useful resources, you can look up facilities and people online to see how others have rated their services. You can also consult with a Los Angeles nursing home abuse attorney or even a CA elder law attorney as they know a thing or two about choosing the right caregiver. Because nursing home neglect attorneys spend time in the field, they may even be able to point you in the right direction as to which facility is best for your loved one to go and live in.

Choosing the right caregiver or nursing home is crucial to your loved one’s wellbeing. Take your time and interview multiple caregivers and go on facility tours before making your decision. And if you would like to be connected with a nursing home misconduct lawyer who can help you, contact today.