When a nursing home neglects to provide adequate care for patients with mental health issues such as dementia, they can be placed in life threatening situations. A Longview nursing home is facing fines and other problems after patients with dementia were not properly watched, treated, and secured in their facility. It is also possible that the families of these individuals can file a lawsuit against the home.

Dementia patients are found outside of nursing home before they crossed a major intersection

The situation occurred at night near the home’s location on North Fourth Street. Three residents walked out of the locked unit and had made it some distance down Fourth Street before anyone from the home realized they were gone. They had apparently followed some visitors out, and none of the staff members had realized what happened. A director from the facility was driving by and stopped them on the road a few driveways away from the home.

At this time, they were located in the middle of the road, just before they reached a major intersection that could have placed their lives in danger. Two of the three residents who escaped were already under watch as high risk for leaving the facility. The subsequent investigation revealed that the patients believed that they had simply went for a walk and nothing had went wrong.

The Texas Health and Human Services Commission concluded that the facility failed to provide proper supervision and the victims were placed in immediate jeopardy due to these issues. The facility will be facing fines of at least $21,000 and other sanctions may be handed down by the commission.

The home’s administration declined to comment on the incident when they were contacted by local media outlets. However, the facility did purchase new numerical based locks, and now changes the access codes regularly. The three residents in question and others at risk were also fitted with wander guards that set off an alarm if they travel outside of the facility. While the health and human services commission believes the facility is in compliance with all regulations at the moment and has taken corrective measures, the fines and sanctions are based on the incident with the dementia patients and past issues regarding non-compliance.

Failure to provide adequate care for patients

Nursing homes are often guilty of not making enough of an effort to monitor and treat patients under their care. In some situations like the news story above, this can become extremely dangerous if mentally ill patients escape, or when serious health issues with elderly patients are not addressed properly. When someone is injured while under the care of a nursing home, it is certainly possible for the facility to be sued for their negligence.

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