An investigation will almost always be launched against a nursing home when cases of abuse are reported to the correct authorities. If the allegations against the nursing home are strong enough, there are high chances that the nursing home will be forced to face legal penalties such as having to give monetary compensation to all those who suffered at their hands as well as having to make major changes to their facility. Extreme cases may also result in the long-term care facility being forced to shut down.

After the resident who is being abused or the family member of the victim reaches out to a nursing home abuse lawyer in Livingston, it is only a matter of time before an investigation is taken against the facility. The investigation will involve relevant authorities coming into the home and taking a full survey of all the activities which occur there as well as the living conditions of the residents.

A vital factor which will be examined is the number of employees who are working on a regular basis as well as how many hours they are expected to work. The reason why special attention will be given to the number of employees is that nursing homes that have a lesser number of employees are often guilty of mistreating the elders who reside there.

The law also requires that nursing homes are always properly staffed with qualified staff members. If it is discovered that the home was overlooking this rule, they will have much greater chances of facing legal penalization. The investigation will also entail questioning and interviewing the residents about their lifestyle. The authorities will collect everything from photos to medical records of the patients in order to discern whether the residents were being taken care of as promised or if they were being taken advantage of.

What happens if no evidence of abuse is found?

If the authorities get involved and they are unable to find enough evidence proving the abuse occurred, then the person who filed the complaint may be forced to face legal penalties for falsely accusing the facility. Furthermore, if the person files another complaint after this their words will probably not be taken as seriously.

If a person wants to make a complaint against the facility, they should contact an attorney to help them through the process. When a lawyer gets involved, they can make sure that the resident has all the required pieces of evidence for their complaint to be taken seriously. It can be nearly impossible for a person to collect all the evidence on their own. In order to ensure that the court takes their complaints seriously, they should do everything in their power to ascertain they have everything they need to convince them that the abuse was serious enough to require legal penalization.

No one should have to suffer from mistreatment, especially at the hands of those who are designated to take care of them and make their lives more comfortable. If a person is being abused they should get help from a lawyer immediately before the abuse escalates and spreads.