Columbia, SC- Elder abuse is a growing problem both in private residences and nursing homes across the country, and in South Carolina. Abuse and neglect of elderly persons occurs at the hands of unscrupulous staff members of nursing homes and other long-term care facilities, but more incidents occur at the hands of family members.

Last week, the world mourned the death of legendary DJ Kasey Kasem who hady been battling a form of dementia called Lewy body disease. Prior to his death, the ailing 82 year-old was also in the middle of a battle between his wife, Jean Kasem and the DJ’s daughter from his first marriage Kerri. Now we learn Kasem’s children plan to file elder abuse charges against Jean Kasem.

According to the New York Daily News, Kerri Kasem plans to meet with police in San Diego to file charges against Jean Kasem after she took him out of his California nursing home and transported him to a private residence in the Seattle-area.

On May 7, Jean unhooked Kasey from his feeding tube against his doctor’s advice who warned it could kill him and loaded him into the back of his SUV, the NY Daily News reported.

Kerri arrived at the residence last week to take him to the hospital by ambulance. The hospital told the Daily News Kasey was in critical condition with an infection caused by a massive bedsore and Kerri alleges the bedsore developed while her father was in Jean’s care.

The feud between Jean and Kasem’s children erupted last summer when they allege Jean forbade them from seeing their father after lost the ability to Jean alleges the children created a toxic environment in their home. Since then both have been battling over his care and had a nasty public fight over whether to take Kasey off of life-support.

Serious injuries and emotional scars are the common effects of abuse and neglect and, in many cases, this mistreatment can lead to an elderly person’s death. An elderly person or nursing home resident should be able to trust their caregivers. A violation of this trust can be very disheartening and diminishes the quality of life for the victim. Victims need to feel safe and they deserve justice when that trust has been violated. So, they often turn to a South Carolina nursing home abuse attorney to hold those responsible for their harm legally accountable for their actions.

Elder abuse and neglect is a serious problem and many of the victims suffer in silence. A person who is being abused or neglected by their caregiver, whether it is a family member or an employee of a nursing home, is often reluctant to come forward. They may fear further abuse or don’t believe anyone will take them seriously. When a person suspects their elderly loved one is being harmed by a callous caregiver, they are advised to meet with a nursing home abuse attorney to investigate their suspicions and determine if a lawsuit is in order.