Long-term care facilities are often at the top of the list as a permanent place to live for individuals who have reached their seniors years. After residents have selected a facility and they have moved in, their health and wellbeing depend directly on how the nursing home management, staff, and fellow residents treat them.

Unfortunately, nursing homes are often understaffed and since the staff member has a job that requires a lot of physical and mental concentration it can result in them becoming overtired and not performing their duty properly. In turn, the residents are forced to endure a poor quality of life. If the behavior of the staff members is not addressed matters can escalate quickly and even result in the death of the resident.

Depending on the severity of the negligence, either an investigation, a lawsuit, or a criminal prosecution will be required to deal with the matter appropriately. A nursing home abuse lawyer in Largo, Florida will be able to help a person decide which form of legal action is required based on their specific case.

There are various allegations which can be made against the nursing home, including:

  • Negligent care
  • Lack of supervision
  • Lack of maintenance
  • Lack of hygiene
  • Negligent hiring
  • Criminal assault
  • Negligence in maintaining equipment

In order to prove any of the above allegations, it is vital that a person is able to prove that they suffered harm due to the negligence or abuse of the facility. A major issue which generally arises when making such allegations is that most seniors suffer from medical complications and health problems, to begin with. It can be difficult to prove that their injury was not caused by their current medical conditions but was in fact caused by the abuse and neglect of the facility.

A qualified attorney can really benefit a person at this time as they will be able to launch an investigation to collect the required records and witnesses to prove that abuse had taken place. When the resident first moves into their facility, they must sign a contract in which the management promises to fulfill certain conditions and to meet certain needs and wants of the resident.

If they breach this contract and do not deliver what they initially promised to this can easily be used against them in court. The more severely a person suffers due to the abuse, the more compensation they are entitled to receive. It is not uncommon for serious nursing home abuse cases to result in hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars in compensation for the resident and the family of the resident.

When a resident first moves into their long-term care facility, they have high hopes and many expectations of living a peaceful life in which they will have easy access to proper medical care while enjoying an active social life with individuals who have similar interests as them. If the facility fails to live up to their expectations and actually ends up harming them instead of giving them the promised comfort they deserve they should not hesitate to reach out for legal assistance in order to convince the nursing home to change their behavior towards them and the other residents.