At the beginning of June of 2020, there were reports regarding increases in coronavirus outbreaks tied to outdoor gatherings that found their way into nursing homes. These facilities are generally a breeding ground for diseases and various health problems. 

Southern Mississippi hospitals and nursing homes become a new virus hot spot

In southern Mississippi, Jackson and Harrison Counties had the most reported new cases out of anywhere else in the state. The entire southern region of the state has just under one thousand total cases reported since the beginning of the pandemic. Because Jackson County has shipyards, there are fears that the virus is being transported in and out of the area along with cargo and people coming from other regions. It seems that a few new cases each day are being tied to the port. 

There was also one person who died in the area in late April, which brought the overall death total to 67 for all southern parts of Mississippi’s six counties. The Mississippi Department of Health has stated that there were about 16,000 total cases and about 800 deaths recorded since early March of 2020. A director for the department said that many cases are emerging in young people in the 18-29 range and most of them attended events such as shrimp boils and other gatherings with large amounts of people that are common during the late spring to early summer. Many nurses are being diagnosed, not from dealing with infected patients, but community events when they are not at work. The governor is now telling people to avoid any kind of parades or parties, regardless of the event or occasion. 

A health system that deals with hospitals and other related facilities such as nursing homes has seen their average daily count increase to over 2 per each day. The CEO of this health system said the results were expected because of “everything opening up.” Four people are still hospitalized with severe coronavirus symptoms in their system. 

Protecting the elderly and sick from coronavirus

Nursing home populations can be easily devastated by the coronavirus. This is why it is so crucial for these facilities to protect their patients, employees, and guests. Many have enacted mandatory testing policies and other measures that are meant to limit the spread of the disease. However, nursing homes around the country have still essentially been ground zero for the pandemic and recorded most of the deaths and hospitalizations.  

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