Local news for Jackson, Mississippi reported on the list of nursing homes with coronavirus cases that was published after a court ruling required the publication of infections in homes around the state. It became apparent that the pandemic had affected nursing homes in Mississippi more severely than previously thought.

Nursing homes are now required to publish coronavirus info

The list contains the name of each home in the state along with the total number of confirmed cases that correspond to each facility. This was done when the state’s Attorney General said that all of the information must be published after a related ruling in a Hinds County Chancery Court. 

Seven nursing homes and long term care facilities in Hinds County alone were found to have patients and employees who tested positive for COVID-19. The Woodlands Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center was a standout with 57 residents and 19 employees who were confirmed positive since the beginning of the pandemic. The local news had previously spoken with a 50 year old resident of the facility who was previously sick from the virus. She had made a full recovery, but she is also younger than many of the other infected residents. A second step testing procedure had confirmed that the virus was no longer in her body.

Families of those in these homes have complained about the lack of communication, as nursing homes around the country have essentially been shut down to outside visitors since March. Family members said that they talk on the phone when they can, and that facilities have issued daily statements and recordings that tell of the number of new cases along with other important pieces of information. However, many complained that the facilities seem to be evasive when discussing the number of deaths or confirming that anyone has died. As of early June, eight people had been confirmed dead at the Woodlands facility alone, which is obviously terrifying for those who have family members inside. 

Lack of proper protections in nursing homes

A situation such as the coronavirus pandemic is concerning for anyone who is in a nursing home or has a family member housed in such a facility. A lack of proper safety precautions and cleanliness procedures has led to a national problem where the elderly and vulnerable are at risk of infection and even death. The facilities responsible can be brought to civil court if negligent behavior was the cause of an illness or fatal accident. 

Learn more about lawsuits against nursing homes

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