A study conducted by the National Center of Elder Abuse revealed that nearly half of the individuals who reside in nursing homes face one form of abuse or another. The more astonishing fact revealed by this study was that 95% of nursing home residents claimed they had either been neglected themselves or they had seen another resident face neglect by staff members.

A different study conducted by Cornell University revealed that abuse towards the elderly is actually 24 times greater than the incidences which have been reported. Most elders who are being abused choose to keep their suffering silent because they feel like it will be nearly impossible for them to get justice. The most common form of abuse toward seniors is emotional abuse and neglect.

If any elder is being emotionally or physically abused in their nursing home they need to get in touch with the right professionals who can speak up on their behalf and who can demand that the abuse be stopped using legal references.

Why is nursing home abuse so prevalent?

In most cases, nursing home abuse arises because of insufficient staffing in the facility. When the management has too many residents and not enough staff on board then the staff members are usually unable to keep up with the demands of all the individuals under their care.

Understaffed nursing homes result in seniors not getting the attention they require and this can lead to many physical and mental health problems such as malnutrition and depression. Staff members who have too much work on their hands are often not in a very pleasant mood and they may be more prone to emotionally abusing those around them. Understaffing can even lead to very serious repercussions such as the death of a resident due to negligence.

Before a person enters a nursing home with the intent of living there indefinitely, they should make sure to check how many staff members work there on a daily basis. If the center has enough staff members a person will not have to worry about being neglected due to less time on behalf of the nurse or other care providers.

How can I prevent being abused?

The best way to ensure that one will not be abused is to do all the required research before actually settling in. Hiring a nursing home abuse lawyer in Iowa City, Iowa when a person is in the process of applying for a nursing home is a great way to have some sort of guarantee that one’s legal rights are protected.

Another benefit of having an attorney by one’s side form the beginning is that when the management of the nursing home is aware that a resident has an active lawyer working with them they may take more precaution when it comes to ensuring that all of their rights are protected and that they are not facing harm from any of the staff members or other residents who live with them