Cedar Rapids, IANursing homes in Iowa are regulated by the government so that issues that are likely to result in illness and injuries can be identified and corrected in a reasonable amount of time. Despite this process of controlling how nursing homes function, there are still both physical injuries that occur and infections that spread quickly among residents. Anyone who has been affected by these problems has a right to file a civil lawsuit against the facility and its administration to be compensated for losses related to treatment and other issues caused by their negligence. 

Sanitation and cleanliness

All nursing homes must follow certain procedures to clean areas such as dining rooms, communal gathering spaces, bedrooms, and bathrooms. This is due to the fact that an illness can spread quickly throughout the closed environment of a nursing home, and anyone who is affected may become extremely ill or pass away. This is especially true of nursing home patients of advanced age or those who are already dealing with other serious health problems. 

Physical obstacles and mobility

Nursing home staff is required to help residents who have mobility issues and trouble getting around on their own. This may include providing walkers, wheelchairs, and manual assistance from staff as needed. Help with mobility and clear access to all areas of the facility is important because falling is a very common cause of injury and fatalities among the elderly. This is especially true if the victim remains in the same area for an extended period of time without being noticed. Allowing obstacles to remain uncleared or failing to help a disabled patient can be considered a form of negligence. 

Violations by staff

Many nursing homes have had issues with insufficient staffing and improper behavior by aides and other workers. This high turnover also creates problems where workers are not trained properly or sufficiently to provide patients with proper care. In rare cases, there have also been criminal charges filed against nursing home workers who physically harm patients. Regardless of the reasons for improper care and treatment by the staff, the facility is ultimately responsible for their actions, and the parent company can be sued along with the individual worker if injuries or other serious health complications occur due to issues with the staff. 

Local accident attorneys that help clients in Iowa

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