Our Indiana Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers Can Help End Elderly Neglect and Mistreatment

 Nursing homes are the perfect option for elderly loved ones who may not receive the constant care and attention they need in their family homes because their relatives are busy at work and/or do not have the knowledge or the resources to provide such intensive care, and so forth.

This is why most working class American families prefer to have their elderly loved ones in a nursing home as a resident where trained faculty members such as nurses and other care givers are always around to give your loved one the best of care and treatment. Doctors are also only a call away in such nursing homes.

Furthermore, since the nursing home will be home to several other nursing home residents too, your elderly loved one will once again be able to enjoy a fulfilling social life.

However, you need to beware of the fact that Indiana ranks as the fifth worst state in the entire country in terms of the quality of care provided for long term nursing home residents. Nursing home abuse is rampant and prevalent throughout the country and Indiana is no exception to say the least. Each year over 40,000 cases of abuse and neglect occur in the state, according to the Office of the Clark County Prosecuting Attorney.

One of the main reasons why care givers, nurses, and other staff members (the same people whose duty it is to care for the residents) abuse elderly nursing home residents is because these residents are usually old, weak, frail, sick, and sometimes have mental conditions such as amnesia and dementia which makes them easy targets. They are indeed most vulnerable to abuse.

For example, if a nurse were to physically assault a nursing home resident and then steal his/her valuable possessions, then it is understandable how the complaints and the pleas of the resident may fall on deaf ears due to the fact that he/she is suffering from dementia. This same person may say that aliens speak to them, that they speak with their long dead spouse, that they constantly know who is going to with the World Series and they are always wrong and so on, for example.

Possible manifestations of nursing home abuse that you should keep an eye out for

As relatives, we need to educate ourselves about the reality and possibility of nursing home abuse happening to our loved ones and we need to ensure that we remain vigilant for any symptoms of nursing home abuse. Some of the signs that your relative is being or has been subjected to nursing home abuse include:

  • Injuries such as open wounds
  • Pressure sores or bedsores
  • Frequent slip and fall accidents
  • Sudden weight loss/gain
  • Odor of urine or feces
  • Torn apparel
  • Personal possessions missing
  • Other residents accusing the nursing home of nursing home abuse or ill treatment in general
  • Sudden change in attitude and becoming very reserved and anti-social
  • Unusual and new behavior, such as sucking, biting or rocking
  • Restraint marks near the limbs of the patient
  • Poor hygiene, including lack of dental care
  • Dehydration
  • Disorientation or depression

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