Baton Rouge, LA – There are a number of ways that illness can spread through a nursing home. In most cases, infections spread because of cleaning that is not done properly or thoroughly enough. When someone becomes seriously ill or gets injured because of improper care at a nursing home, they can choose to contact a lawyer about holding the facility responsible, and making them pay for losses caused by a failure to adequately care for the residents. The damages available in the lawsuit will reflect the gravity of the harm endured by the victim. This means that cases where someone is seriously injured or passes away will tend to result in the largest damage awards. 

Cleaning procedures and the potential for problems

Improper sanitation by the facility’s staff can be a large problem. There should be employees who clean and sanitize areas throughout the home, especially common areas, on a regular basis. This will reduce the likelihood that any bacterial or viral illness will spread throughout a nursing home and cause health complications. Most homes have some kind of regular cleaning schedule that should be followed closely to prevent vulnerable patients from getting sick.

Assistance from staff in the facility 

Residents in the home are also supposed to be assisted with basic hygiene if this is required due to their health conditions or advanced age. Individuals who are very old or in poor health can require the assistance of a nursing aide for basic hygienic tasks and movement. These hygienic procedures should be conducted on a regular basis to ensure that the person is not unnecessarily exposed to any kind of bacteria or virus. They should have a clean living space as well if they are assigned a room. 

Remedies for improper care

The victim can keep records of any additional treatment or special medical care that was required due to the facility’s negligence. These pieces of evidence can be used to show that the facility breached its standard duty of care and caused the health problems in question. If the plaintiff is successful, these losses can be quantified into damages. The attorney can summarize all of these damages and force the defendant to pay for them. 

Damages normally include things like hospitalization costs, emotional trauma, and other losses that are directly tied to the defendant’s negligent behavior. 

Getting help from a nursing home lawyer

There are attorneys who routinely work with nursing home patients and their families to ensure that they have not been mistreated while staying in a facility. Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf is a reputable firm that helps clients in Baton Rouge and nearby parts of Louisiana with their lawsuits. 

Firm contact info:

Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf

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