Do You Suspect Your Loved One Has Been Abused at an Illinois Care Facility?

Elder abuse is common in nursing homes across America and Illinois is no exception to this unfortunate phenomenon.

The fact is the elderly residents make for the perfect victims considering that they are old, weak, sick, frail and may even be diagnosed with mental conditions such as dementia or amnesia and all of this combined makes them vulnerable to nursing home abuse.

For instance, if a resident suffering from dementia is being sexually abused, then it is understandable how his or her complaints of the abuse may not carry the weight it should because of which it may simply be discarded and not even investigated. In this way, elderly residents are perfect victims, almost like sitting ducks.

However, for many of us working class Americans and our families, nursing homes are the perfect option for our elderly relatives who we need to be cared for and looked after almost throughout the day.

As working people with busy schedules, we do not have the kind of time, resources, or knowledge to care for our elderly relatives in the best manner. Nursing homes on the other hand do have it in the form of trained staff, care givers, nurses, and doctors who are always on duty.

Our dedicated and judicious nursing home abuse legal pros, who can be found on which is a majestic website that brings hope and possibility to people in need every day, possess extensive experience and have protected hundreds of elderly people from elder abuse across Illinois and we are dedicated to continuing on the same path. We have a formidable track record in terms of winning nursing home abuse lawsuits.

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Types of nursing home abuse

There are different types of nursing home abuse. Some of the most common ones that we deal with on a regular basis in Illinois are as follows:

 Verbal abuse – This is the stepping stone to physical abuse that should be nipped in the bud. Verbal abuse can consist of profanity, yelling, belittling, and mocking.

Physical abuse – Slapping, hitting, punching, pushing, restraining, and so on are all considered physical abuse.

Bed sores – Immobile nursing home residents are subjected to bed sores because they are in the same position for prolonged hours and this can be dangerous. Nursing homes have a duty to prevent this and failure to do so will be deemed as nursing home abuse or nursing home negligence.

Financial abuse – Often, nursing home residents are forced or blackmailed into giving away money or they are even stolen from.

There are several other forms of nursing home abuse too. If you suspect that your relative is subjected to nursing home abuse in any form, get on and use our interactive map to find a legal pro near you. You should see a list of legal counselors emerge on your screen.

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