Financial exploitation costs Seniors in the U.S. billions every year.

Chicago, IL- A widespread form of elder abuse in Illinois and the U.S. is financial exploitation, and it ends up costing seniors billions of dollars every year. Elderly victims of financial abuse often end up losing everything and become dependent on public services. In most cases, the perpetrator is related to the victim as a recent Illinois case demonstrates.

Illinois Woman Stole Thousands from Her Mother and Aunt

A judge sentenced a 69-year Coliene Moore to four years in jail after she pleaded guilty to stealing almost $300,000 from her aunt, according to Illinois Now. Authorities also accused Moore of stealing over $80K from her mother, but she was not charged with that crime in exchange for a guilty plea for exploiting her aunt.

Authorities began investigating Moore in 2011 after one of her coworkers at the Illinois Department of Transportation reported her for fraud. She allegedly asked the colleague for a large loan she would pay back when her aunt, who is in her late 80s, passed away. Moore gained access to her now-deceased aunt’s bank account and raided it for

Moore used the money for her credit card bills and paying off loans given to her by coworkers, friends and other family members. She also spent tens of thousands on her son, paying his monthly rent and giving him cash gifts, Illinois Now reports.

Moore’s actions are reprehensible, but she is just one of the many people in this world who have no problems taking from or abusing the elderly.

Financial Exploitation Cost Seniors Lose Billions

Financial exploitation of the elderly costs older people in the U.S. an estimated $3 billion annually, according to TrustLink Financial. There are three main types of elder financial abuse:

Financial exploitation- Exploitation occurs when a person or business puts pressure a person, convincing them to buy items, pay for services, or make a financial decision through deceptive practices.

Fraud-Scammers defraud the elderly by getting them to share social security numbers or bank account numbers.

Trust abuse- Trust abuse is perpetrated by family members or friends who take advantage of a senior.

Of course, the best way to avoid financial exploitation is to prevent it. For instance, a background check and speaking to Moore’s coworkers would have revealed she has major financial problems, a common trait for people who steal from the elderly. An elder abuse attorney can help you vet a caregiver or facility, so your loved one isn’t put in danger.

Consult with a Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer in Illinois

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