Chicago, Il- A Chicago-area nursing home is facing a nursing home negligence lawsuit after a condom was found in one resident’s stomach.

The suit was filed in behalf of L.C. Scott a resident of Westchester Health, who died in February of 2012. Several months before his death Scott was taken to the Adventist La Grange Memorial Hospital for gastrointestinal bleed. According to the CBS-Chicago, a search of Scott’s stomach and intestinal track showed he had a condom with a “hardened substance” inside lodged in his stomach.

The suit alleges that the condom became lodged Scott’s stomach during one of his stays at either LaGrange Hospital or Westchester Health between January 2010 and June 2011 and indicates that he was sexually abused. The suit states that Scott had similar gastrointestinal procedure in January 2010 with no condom present so the abuse occurred between that date and the later procedure in June 2011.

Scott was bedridden and nonverbal so the suit states he was more vulnerable to sexual abuse and the Westchester home did not take steps to prevent the abuse.

Trixie Scott who filed the lawsuit accuses both facilities of negligence and failing to take security measure to prevent sexual abuse. She is seeking $50,000 in damages and attorney fees.

Sexual abuse is far less common than verbal or physical abuse but it is just as traumatic for the victim, if not more so. A weak and vulnerable nursing home resident is perfect prey for a sexual predator since many of them are unable to protect themselves and oftentimes cannot report the abuse because of dementia. Understaffed nursing homes make it easy for a stranger or staff member to sexually abuse without fear they will be caught in the act.

Sexual abuse can cause anxiety and depression and the victim will become withdrawn from their families and friends. They will mistrust their caregivers and fellow residents and in the long run this will affect their overall physical and mental well-being.

The trauma of sexual abuse is not only mental but it is physical as well. An elderly victim of sexual abuse can have bruising and abrasions in their genital region and around their breasts. While the physical wounds will heal, the emotional wounds will not.

When a nursing home resident can’t speak for themselves, a nursing home abuse attorney will be their voice and speak on their behalf. An attorney will assure the victim or their loved ones get well-deserved justice by way of financial compensation.

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