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Every day relatives of nursing home residents trust that their loved ones are being cared for and fed at nursing homes across the state of Idaho. They feel a peace of mind knowing that their elderly relative is in a nursing home where trained care givers are always watching over them and where doctors are only a call away.

Furthermore, nursing home residents can now again enjoy a social life since they are in the company of other elderly residents who have something in common with them.

These are all perks of admitting your loved one to a nursing home and it makes perfect sense for many working class American families where you simply do not have the time or resources to care for an elderly relative at home and therefore a nursing home would be the ideal choice.

However, what our prolific nursing home abuse attorneys, who can be found on USAttorneys.com which is a shining website that saves lives and pulls people out the abyss every day, tell us is that many people are oblivious to nursing home abuse, which is a real, persistent, and a widespread problem across Idaho and the rest of the country. Nursing home abuse is common and it can be attributed to the fact that nursing home residents are elderly and make for the perfect victims in a sense.

They are frail, old, weak, and some even have conditions like amnesia or dementia because of which even if and when they do complain, they will be dismissed as symptoms of their mental disabilities.

Types of nursing home abuse

There are many different types of nursing home abuse and irrespective of which sort of abuse you suspect or your relative is being subjected to, we suggest that you talk to one of our wonderful and sagacious legal professionals to ensure that your loved one is safe guarded from further abuse and so that you can strike back at the nursing home for employing this type of character.

Some of the common types of nursing home abuse we see in the Gem State are as follows:

  1. Verbal abuse – As the name suggests, this kind of abuse would involve name calling, profanity, mocking or disrespecting the resident, yelling at them, etc. Verbal abuse is how abuse usually starts and can later develop into full blown physical abuse.
  1. Physical abuse – Manhandling, pushing, beating, assault with an object, and so forth are all considered physical abuse. There have been plenty of cases where a caregiver has slapped a nursing home resident and this can also serve as grounds for physical abuse.
  1. Financial abuse – Other residents or nursing home staff members may steal or force the victim into giving them money or possessions. This is known as financial abuse.
  1. Bed sores – If you notice bed sores on your loved on the next time you visit them in a nursing home, it is a strong indication of nursing home abuse.

Now that you are aware of the different types of abuse, if you believe your loved one could potentially be a victim, don’t hesitate to speak to one of our Idaho nursing home abuse lawyers today! How do you accomplish this? USAttorneys.com is how! Use our interactive map to find the legal pro you need by typing in your location. You will have a list of legal professionals pop up in front of you.

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