How to Choose the Right Nursing Home

Nursing HomeNewark, NJ-Incidents of abuse and neglect in nursing homes are far too common.  A fact that makes many people reluctant to place their aged or disabled loved into a long term care facility. But sometimes they have no alternative, and want to assure their loved ones will safe so they must be proactive and choose a nursing home that gives quality care and has record of protecting their residents from abuse.

What Should I Consider When Choosing a Nursing Home?

Staffing and proximity are two important aspects of choosing the right nursing home and can help ensure a person’s safety.

When you begin looking for a nursing home, it is important that you choose one that is located close to your home or the home of another relative who can make frequent visits to the home. Visiting often not only makes your loved one happy, but can give a family a good idea of how well the facility is staffed along with how the staff attends to residents. This will give a family member the opportunity to see how each member of the staff treats the patients and raise alarm if they notice any aggressive or hostile behavior.

When a nursing home resident has frequent visits from friends and family, they are less likely to be targeted by an abuser simply because they are present.

Neglect of a nursing home resident is more common than abuse and typically occurs because a facility is understaffed. With a high patient to staff ratio, it is difficult for nursing home staff to give each resident the attention and care they need and deserve. While most neglect is unintentional, it can nonetheless cause significant physical harm to a nursing home resident.

What should I do before make my final decision?

If you’ve been looking for the right nursing home there are a number of things you should do before making your final decision. First, look up a prospective home in the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to determine if the home is covered under Medicare or Medicaid. Secondly, check with the Long Term Care Ombudsman in your state to determine of the home has any complaints of abuse or neglect.

You should also visit the nursing home before making that very important decision. When you make your visit, go around lunch time since this generally the busiest time of day. This will give you the opportunity to evaluate if the home is properly staffed. If they don’t have enough people on staff at this time of the day, you can be confident that it won’t be properly staffed in the evening or overnight. As you narrow your search, visit on the weekends.

Choosing the right nursing home is not an easy task and isn’t an absolute guarantee your loved one won’t be neglected or subjected to abuse in a long term care facility.

If you find that someone you love has been abused or neglected, a nursing home attorney can help you get some justice and seek compensation.