As you may already be aware, the cost associated with living in a nursing home is rather steep, especially if you want to live in a private room. But howsteep you might wonder? Well, according to Genworth’s Cost of Care Survey , the monthly cost to live in a nursing home in the San Francisco, CA area is approximately $9,148 for a semi-private room and $11,650 for a private room. A semi-private room would be one that that is shared with a roommate while a private would be one that is only occupied by one resident.


What do these costs look like over a years’ timespan?


If you want to know what the numbers are for a years’ time span, here is what Genworth states those amounts would be:


  • To live in a semi-private room in a nursing home facility for an entire year in the San Francisco area, it would cost you about $89,297.
  • To live in a private room for a year, you are looking at spending approximately $100,375.


Now, there may be some additional expenses you incur depending on your preferences or needs, however, those costs may vary by facility so it would be best to find out what all the charges are associated with living in a nursing home before assuming you would only be paying the amounts stipulated above.



What are the benefits of living in a private room in a nursing home vs. a semi-private room?


Just as the name implies, you are given privacy when you have your own room that isn’t shared with anyone else. Many individuals who go and live in nursing homes aren’t exactly excited to do so, rather, they are requiredto as they can no longer take care of themselves independently. And most would actually prefer to live in their room alone so that they aren’t forced to share their living space with a stranger.

Another benefit of living in a private room in a nursing home is that you don’t have to worry about being in the same room with a disruptive or even combative resident. Unfortunately, there are individuals who are admitted into nursing homes who suffer from medical conditions that make them violent and aggressive, and sometimes, they inflict harm upon those that are around them, including their roommates. You see, while many are under the impression that nursing home abuse only involves a resident and the staff working in these facilities, this is a misconception.

Does your loved one live in a nursing home where other residents are combative? Do you suspect they are being abused or mistreated by them? If so, contact a CA nursing home neglect lawyer today to find out how they can help you address the issue.

The truth is, many nursing home residents who are left unsupervised or placed to live in a room with a resident who suffers from one or more medical conditions that causes them to have angry outbursts are often abused by them, not the staff. And if you have a loved one who is already living in a nursing home in CA who you believe is being abused or mistreated by their roommate or a staff member, remember, you can always contact a San Francisco, CA nursing home abuse attorney to help you handle the matter.

Now, aside from the costs associated with living in a nursing home and the pros to having a private room, you need to be sure the facility you choose is highly rated and provides their residents with the quality care they need as well as the respect they deserve. If you would like help finding a nursing home in the San Francisco area, you can also contact a nursing home misconduct lawyer or a CA elder law attorney as they may be able to give you some tips on how to choose the right one.