Social media has come a long way from when it was first introduced to society and it has opened our eyes to some pretty serious issues including police brutality, racism, and even nursing home abuse and neglect. With social media having the ability to capture the attention of thousands and even millions of people, issues have become more widely recognized although they have existed for years. With people realizing the effect that social media can have, many have turned to it to help spread awareness regarding their own personal problems or issues that impact us all.


Let’s take some time to focus on nursing home abuse.


When we consider nursing home abuse, which is only one of the major issues that are in need of being addressed, several videos and even comments that were posted on various social media platforms come to mind. In one video that managed to go viral, we see an elderly man asking for help and gasping for air. The nurse, who should have been tending to the resident, disregarded his cries for help. The man, who you likely heard about, was a WWII veteran and his name was James Dempsey, and the only reason why we were able to view such heart-wrenching footage is because the family installed a hidden camera after their relative told them he was concerned about staying in the facility[Source: The Washington Post]. Although two nurses and an aide were indicted on numerous charges, including murder, it won’t bring back James Dempsey.


But the abuse doesn’t stop there, and social media has proven this.


Another video surfaced that was initially posted on Snap Chat and in it you see a female resident calling out for a nurse and even asking for her medication. The nurses behind the camera were heard laughing, again, neglecting to then to their resident’s needs.  In Ohio, a family took to social media where they posted complaints about the care their family member was receiving during his stay at Laurels of Huber Heights Nursing and Rehabilitation Centers. The family used their post to highlight the conditions their relative was living in which included staying in a room with trash strewn everywhere and fruit punch across the bed sheets. The family even stated that there was food piled up on the man’s brace while he was in bed [Source: Axcess News].


That post was shared on Facebook nearly 20,000 times and continued to go viral.


While many blame understaffing as the main issue to why nursing home abuse exists, clearly some of these videos show that the nurses have more than enough time to tend to their patients. In fact, they have so much time on their hands that they are able to film a video and post it online. So, although understaffing in nursing homes is one of the reasons why residents living in these facilities are forced to endure abuse and neglect, there is also a lack of qualified and caring nurses and aides being hired which has caused many people to suffer and even die.

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So, while social media will continue to shed light on this unfortunate issue that we can’t seem to fix, family members and anyone else who has witnessed abuse occurring in a long-term care facility in Toledo, OH needs to come forward and file a complaint. Whether you choose to hire a Toledo nursing home abuse attorney or wish to do it on your own, taking action against this abuse can help prevent another resident from having to endure the same conditions.

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