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If you’re looking to report a nursing home in Jackson, MS for mistreating your aging loved one, which is a violation of state rules and regulations, contact a nursing home abuse attorney in Jackson to help you with this.

Reporting a nursing home that is located in Jackson, MS or any other city within the state of Mississippi for elder mistreatment can be done online or by phone with the Mississippi State Department of Health (MSDH).  To file a complaint by phone, you will need to call 1-800-227-7308 and provide the requested information that is needed so that your complaint can properly be investigated. If you wish to file your complaint online, you will need to visit and use the form provided to share details about the incident that transpired which has led to you filing your complaint.

Some of the information you will want to have handy when filling out the complaint form include:


  • Facility type
  • Facility name
  • The address and phone number of the facility.
  • The facility ID or CMS number if you have it.
  • The resident’s name, date of birth, and your relationship to him or her.
  • The resident’s admission date along with their discharge date if they are no longer living there.
  • The date and time the event occurred.
  • Where it happened. For example, did it happen in a specific unit, floor, or room?
  • The name of the staff member you reported the issue to in the event you did notify a worker.


You will also be asked to provide a detailed description of the event or problem as well as the names and telephone numbers of any witnesses who may have seen the misconduct take place. Aside from filing a formal complaint with MSDH, you may wish to discuss your matter with a nursing home abuse lawyer in Jackson, MS who can provide you with some additional information on how you can hold the facility accountable for the pain and suffering its staff members have caused your loved one to experience.


How can I check to see if a nursing home in Jackson, MS has had any complaints filed against it?


Now, if you are in the process of relocating your loved one from the facility in which he or she was treated poorly at, you can use the MSDH’s Online Nursing Home Search tool to find a new facility that hasn’t had any complaints filed against it. You can begin your search by clicking here to access the webpage. Once there, you will need to choose a city or county for where you are looking to move your relative to. The nursing homes that are available in the area you have chosen should appear along with any documents that have been filed against it (i.e. a survey or complaint]. If the facility has had any complaints filed, you will have access to the corresponding documents that cite the nature of the complaint as well as the outcome of the investigation if one was conducted.

You can also contact aJackson, MS elder law lawyer who can provide you with a list of things to look for when searching for a nursing home to move your elderly relative into in the Jackson area.

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The MS nursing home abuse lawyers at Williams Newman Williams PLLC can provide you with the legal assistance you will need to hold a facility liable for harming your relative.


In the event you are looking to take further action aside from filing a complaint with the MSDH, contact Williams Newman Williams PLLC to speak with a trusted and dedicated Jackson nursing home abuse lawyer. The attorneys at Williams Newman Williams PLLC take nursing home abuse allegations very seriously and will see to it that justice is served for the mistreatment your loved one has had to endure.


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