When a nursing home in Fort Walton Beach provides its residents with substandard care, the facility along with certain staff members should be recognized for this. If you believe the nursing home where your loved one was or is currently living in is being operated below federal standards and you would like to file a complaint, you can do so with the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA). Most nursing homes in Florida are inspected and licensed by the AHCA.


Filing a Complaint Against a Licensed Nursing Home in Florida


The AHCA provides two ways for individuals to file a complaint against a licensed nursing home in Florida. The first way to file a complaint is by contacting the AHCA at 1-888-419-3456. The second way is by submitting a Licensed Health Care Facility Complaint Form. The complaint form should be used if you think a nursing home violated the law relating to your loved one’s care, failed to follow one or more healthcare regulations, or engaged in neglectful or abusive behavior.

When filling out the form, the AHCA recommends that you:

  • Include the name of the resident and staff members involved.
  • Be sure to include dates of when certain events happened when describing your concerns.
  • Include the diagnoses and type of insurance the patient/resident has.


Some other important things you need to keep in mind when you submit a complaint to the AHCA include:

  • Incomplete information could result in the agency’s inability to address the situation.
  • Not all complaints are actual violations of the law.
  • If the incident is more than twelve months old, there typically won’t be an on-site inspection, although the information will be kept on file at the agency.
  • After your complaint has been received and reviewed, you should receive an email that states the disposition of your complaint.


If you are not satisfied with how your complaint is handled or believe your issue warrants legal action, your next step should be to get in touch with a Fort Walton Beach, FL nursing home abuse attorney.


Should I hire a Fort Walton Beach, FL nursing home abuse lawyer and file a complaint?


If your issue stems from something more serious than just the poor quality of care you witnessed being displayed by health care workers, you may need to retain a nursing home abuse lawyer Fort Walton Beach, FL. The lawyers at Browning Law Firm are skilled in various practice areas of law, including nursing home abuse and neglect. Although filing a complaint against a nursing home is one step in the right direction of getting a home recognized for below standard care, sometimes, it isn’t enough.

If your loved one was abused, neglected, or mistreated in any way, you should consider contacting Browning Law Firm to learn more about what can be done to obtain the justice your relative deserves.


Browning Law Firm can be reached at:


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