If you are looking to report a case of elder abuse on behalf of a friend or family member who lives in a nursing home in Los Angeles, CA, you can accomplish this in a few ways.


The first option you have in terms of reporting the alleged abuse is by filing a report on California’s Workforce Development Aging & Community Services (WDACS) website. The form can be filled out directly online and you even have the option to remain anonymous. However, if you choose to identify yourself, you will need to provide personal information including your name, address, phone number, email, your relationship to the alleged victim, etc.

Something to keep in mind when filling out the form is that you do not have to be a friend or family member of the alleged victim. In fact, the WDACS provides the opportunity for many types of individuals to file a complaint. Some individuals other than a friend or family member who is permitted to file a complaint include:


  • Caregivers
  • Nursing home abuse attorney
  • Spouse
  • Physician
  • Nurse
  • Counselor
  • Adult day care provider


Aside from personal information, you will need to provide the following information as well:


  • The date the incident occurred.
  • Location where the incident occurred.
  • The name of the facility and its address.
  • Whether you have contacted law enforcement officials. The fact is, when a nursing home resident is suspected of being abused, law enforcement officials should be notified by the facility although many cases never make it that far.
  • Details pertaining to the incident, including why you suspect the individual you are filing the complaint for was abused, neglected, or exploited.
  • How you became aware of the abuse and the circumstances surrounding the suspected abuse.


The form also gives you the opportunity to provide information pertaining to the alleged victim, the alleged perpetrator, and other information you feel is important to include.

The second option you have in terms of reporting a case of alleged nursing home abuse is by contacting the Los Angeles County Adult Protective Services (APS) agency. The APS agency that oversees Los Angeles County “investigates reports of abuse of elders and dependent adults who live in private homes, apartments, hotels or hospitals.” The staff also “provides information and referrals to other agencies and educates the public about reporting requirements and responsibilities under the Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse Reporting laws.”

To report a nursing home facility for elder abuse with APS, call their 24-hour abuse hotline at 877-477-3646.


Here’s why you should also consider contacting a Los Angeles, CA nursing home abuse attorney.


Life is full of obstacles, some more difficult than others. But one obstacle that many often aren’t prepared to face is finding out their aging loved one is the victim of abuse and/or neglect. Although you may not be caring for this person as you don’t have the time or funds to devote to doing so, you expect that the nursing home they are living in is treating them properly and providing them with the care they need and require. When you find out that they aren’t, it can sometimes throw you off course and leave you unsure as to what you should do.

This is exactly why you should consider contacting a nursing home abuse lawyer when you find out your relative was mistreated by nursing home staff. A nursing home abuse attorney in Los Angeles, CA will not only help you understand what your legal rights are, but can help you file a complaint with one of the agencies mentioned above and even help you seek justice for the pain or harm that has been inflicted upon your loved one.


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