Emotional abuse can limit a person from experiencing contentment in their life and from being happy and productive. When a person is being emotionally abused, it can lead them to develop other serious mental health conditions such as depression or severe anxiety.

As unfortunate as it is, emotional abuse is actually fairly common in nursing homes. Since residents are generally dependent on the care of others and they do not have many tools to fight back, they are often faced with insults and oppressive behavior by fellow residents and those employees who are supposed to be taking care of them.

Under no circumstance is this behavior acceptable and there are many federal and state laws which protect seniors from facing this sort of oppression. Many seniors who get trapped in this cycle of abuse begin to feel like this behavior is normal and they continue living in pain without reaching out for help.

What are the signs of emotional abuse?

If anyone has a family member who is living in a nursing home they need to be able to recognize the signs of emotional abuse in order to take action. Emotional abuse generally has very subtle signs.

If an elder is being abused they will generally have some or all of the following symptoms:

  • They may have a change of personality and be upset more often
  • They may have unexplained changes to their eating habits or sleeping habits
  • They may start withdrawing from people in general
  • They may start exhibiting strange behaviors such as pacing, rocking constantly, and biting their nails

If a person notices that their family member has changed in a strange way after they started living at a particular nursing home then they should try to help them without wasting any time. A nursing home abuse lawyer in Lee County, Florida can help a senior get the help they need to recover from their abuse, and more importantly, can take the proper legal steps required to stop the abuse from progressing any further.

What does emotional abuse look like?

Everyone understands the implications of physical abuse and sexual abuse, but not everyone understands what emotional abuse even is. Emotional abuse in a nursing home is basically when any of the other residents or the employees of the home use their words or their actions to hurt an elder and make them feel scared and inferior.

For instance, an employee may threaten to harm a senior or keep shouting unnecessarily for no reason. In other cases, an employee may threaten to take away the privileges of a resident or may even speak to a resident as if they are babies in order to make them feel like they are a burden and they are intellectually inferior.

If a person wants to get out of this cycle of abuse the best step they can take is to get the authorities involved. A legal professional can assist a person in gaining back their freedom and happiness again.