Iowa City, IA – If a nursing home or any other entity is sued for negligence, there will need to be an analysis of the proper standard of care. When there is evidence to show that the facility has breached the standard of care, they may be negligent as a matter of law and have to compensate the victim. However, in negligence lawsuits there is always an analysis to establish the appropriate duty of care and that there was a failure to meet that standard. People who are concerned about the conditions in a nursing home can speak with an attorney to investigate these issues further. 

The relevant duty of care

Nursing homes should maintain a safe and clean environment where their patients will receive proper care and be safe during their stay. This can include proper cleaning and sanitation, routine healthcare, and proper nutrition and hydration. The facility should also have security and be safe from intruders and crime. 

Prevention of illness and disease

People who are staying in nursing homes are especially vulnerable to various types of illnesses. Even a common bacterial infection or virus can be devastating if contracted by an elderly person in a weakened state. One of the reasons that it is so important for a facility to be cleaned regularly is to prevent an event where numerous residents become seriously ill in a short period of time. 

Proper nourishment

There have been cases of nursing home neglect where the victims were dehydrated, underfed, or malnourished. This indicates a serious problem at the facility where the staff is not checking if certain residents are regularly fed, or if they have been monitored properly for health issues associated with improper diet. A lack of nourishment can also make the victim more susceptible to diseases.  

Crime and intrusions into the facility

A common form of elderly abuse that happens in nursing facilities is when people posing as legitimate workers steal from patients or financially exploit them. Individuals who engage in this behavior are counting on the fact that the victims may not be aware of stolen money or other items in their weakened state. There is also the possibility of criminals gaining access to the facility to steal or assault the residents. For these reasons, any nursing home should have adequate security, surveillance, and monitor who has access to the facility. 

Advice from attorneys who are licensed in Iowa

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