Nursing homes are often criticized for providing low quality care to residents and staffing their ranks with employees who do not care and have little intention of keeping their jobs long-term. However, the conditions in some nursing homes can become so bad that is almost seems unreal. These environments are prone for problems such as infections, bed sores, spreading of diseases and viruses, and mishandled medications. Yet sometimes, these homes can operate for some time before being formally shut down by state or federal regulators while patients are left to suffer or even die in this environment.

Georgia nursing home is poorly maintained and left in filthy condition

A nursing home near the Kennesaw area in Rome Georgia experienced some shortages of supplies and lack of proper maintenance that created a horrific situation for residents and employees.

During a criminal trial against the owner of the facility for Medicare fraud, one former worker at the home spoke of a number of problems such as finding lizards in a patient’s bed and having to use cold water for showers and baths. Some other details included residents using socks to dry themselves because towels were unavailable, broken air conditioners, and leaking roofs. Problems with the air conditioning and ventilation would also cause residents to leave the windows open all the time, allowing pests and insects inside. The smell inside the home was also unbearable, as the employees lacked sufficient supplies to clean the inside properly.

The same employee also testified that the home had severe administrative problems between 2004 and 2007 where his paychecks would bounce and the child support deducted from his check never made it to the proper state agency. It was suspected that the owner of the Moran Lake facility owed approximately $30 million to programs for Medicare, Medicaid, and back taxes to the IRS.

The owner was apparently living a luxury lifestyle with the stolen money that was supposed to go the home for maintenance and supplies, which led to his indictment for fraud. His wife was also criminally charged for failing to report her husband’s fraudulent activities.

How can people avoid these kinds of nursing homes?

Fortunately, the availability of information on the internet allows people to easily search for information about a home before making a commitment to send a a family member to live there. Many reviews and records of healthcare code violations can easily be found online through simple searches and databases. It also helps to visit homes and get a sense of the environment.

Can a home be sued after it is shut down?

The decision to file a lawsuit against a home that has had such severe problems can be complex. An attorney can go after another company that owns or purchases the home and is responsible for its business affairs. The owner may also be personal liable depending on the structure of the business. However, there are also some times where a struggling home does not have enough assets to cover a judgment and it would not be worth going through the process to litigate only to find that there is no way the defendant business could pay out what it owes to victims. These issues need to be discussed with a lawyer who helps the elderly in order to make the best possible decision.

Get legal help today

If you believe someone in your family has been neglected or injured in a nursing home, it is best to talk to a lawyer about the possibility of filing a lawsuit. Imbriale Injury Law has offices in Woodstock Georgia, and they specialize in helping people who have been injured or killed due to negligence.