After retiring, most elders look for a place where they can settle down and enjoy life with others who are at a similar phase of life as them. Nursing homes are often the best option for individuals who are looking for a comfortable place to live which has all of their required amenities nearby.

However, getting into a nursing home does cost money. If a person has selected their nursing home but they do not have the funds to pay for it they have a few different options which they can select from in order to get financial assistance.

Medicaid for Nursing Homes

Medicaid is by far the most popular form of funding for nursing home expenses in America. Medicaid covers nearly 65% of the total amount of elders who are living in nursing homes. The one catch about Medicaid is that individuals will be screened very thoroughly in order to be eligible for it.

Various factors such as a person’s income, their age, and their area of residence will be considered before granting them this form of financial aid. The best part about Medicaid is that it offers long term aid for seniors who do not have the means for funding their nursing home expenses.

Medicare’s benefits for Nursing Homes

Another option is for individuals to apply for Medicare’s benefits. However, Medicare’s benefits are not for those seniors looking for a long term funding solution. This program provides temporary assisted living finances (convalescent care finances) for seniors who need proper nursing and care only for a short period of time. The first 20 days of care are generally paid for 100% by this program.

Veterans Assistance for Nursing Homes

Veterans have an additional option for gaining financial assistance when they reach the age of wanting to retire. They can choose between the Aid and Attendance Benefit or the option of getting free care in a nursing home.

The Aid and Attendance benefit provides veterans with financial compensation if they require assistance with their daily living. The second option does not offer them finances, but it enables veterans or their spouses who are disabled to be taken care of in a nursing home free of charge.

It is important to note that a veteran cannot benefit from both options at the same time and they can only select one of the above forms of aid.

What should I do if a nursing home tries to take my money?

If a person gets into a nursing home with any of the above programs, or with their own funds then they have the right to be treated with appropriate respect and be taken care of accordingly. If they are abused in any way or if they feel like the nursing home is trying to take more of their money from them they have to make sure that they get in touch with a nursing home abuse attorney in Philadelphia, PA.

A lawyer can guide a person on what steps they need to take in order to get their money back if it was wrongfully taken away from them and they can also inform a person of all of the rights they have as a paying resident in the nursing home.