nursing home abuse lawyers in Atlanta, GA

Sexual abuse is a common form of elder abuse that is often overlooked and underreported.

A nursing home is a place for aging individuals to go when they require around the clock care and assistance. Many of these individuals can no longer do the things they once could for themselves and often don’t have someone they can depend on to provide them with the level of care they require. While nursing homes are expected to be safe, hazard-free facilities for the elderly to go to so that they are able to live out their remaining years in peace, many often become abused and neglected during their stay, putting their health and wellbeing at risk.

Now, there are many types of abuse that occur behind the walls of nursing home facilities, one of which is hard to recognize—sexual abuse. Because many of the residents living in nursing homes suffer from dementia and other illnesses or conditions that make it difficult for them to communicate, they become easy targets for perpetrators who are looking to take advantage of them. Therefore, the best way to prevent a loved one from becoming the victim of sexual abuse is to not only place them in a facility that doesn’t have a record with abuse cases listed on it, but also to visit them on a consistent basis.

So, if you’re wondering how you can weed out the good from the bad, below we outline the steps you can follow to find out if a nursing home in the state of Georgia has been cited for sexual abuse or other issues that can help you determine where you should place your loved one to live or if you need to move them out of the current home they are residing in.


  1. The first thing you are going to do is visit govand type in the name of the city or state of where the nursing homes you are interested in looking up are located. If you want to get more specific, you can even look up facilities by zip code. So, let’s say you were interested in finding out whether any nursing homes in the city of Atlanta, GA have been cited for sexual abuse. You would need to type in Atlanta, GA and wait for the results.


  1. After the results appear for all the nursing homes located in this city, you will notice the site will provide you with some upfront information including:


  • How many stars the facility received for its overall rating.
  • How the facility ranked in terms of health inspections.
  • How the facility ranked in terms of staffing.
  • How many stars, one through five, the facility received for quality measures.


  1. Now, to find out more specific information about the facility, click on its name. You will then see various tabs that can be selected where more detailed information will be provided. To find out if the facility had any violations, such as a case of sexual abuse, click on the health inspections. Here, you have the option of downloading a full report regarding the outcome of health inspections, what health citations were issued, and the complaints that were filed against the facility. The full report will disclose the details for each of these.


It is important that family members of aging individuals take the time to look up these reports to find out whether the facility their loved one is living in has had any recent violations. It is equally important to take advantage of this search tool if you are looking for a nursing home for your relative to move into.


Atlanta, GA nursing home abuse lawyers

If your loved one is the victim of sexual abuse and you are looking for an aggressive nursing home abuse lawyer in Atlanta who can help you hold the nurse or health care worker accountable for their actions, contact today.

Now, if you believe your aging relative is the victim of abuse or neglect and they are currently living in Atlanta, which is why you are looking to relocate them, aside from finding them a new place to live, you also need to contact an Atlanta, GA nursing home abuse attorney. The lawyers can place you in contact with are some of the best in the state and will help you recognize the individual responsible for harming your loved one and see to it that justice is served.

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